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7/13, Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias Opening Re
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Nancy Tubbs

July 11, 2019    

Root Division presents:

Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias Opening Reception

Opening Reception Sat, July 13, 7-10pm; Exhibition July 11 to August 10, 2019, San Francisco


Join us for our July exhibition Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias.
Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias analyzes the phenomenon of appearance-based discrimination within the same racial or ethnic groups through contemporary media including photography, installation, animation, video and performance art. This ambitious 6-week exhibition will include a wide range of programming including the opening reception, panel discussion (panelists to be announced shortly), a film screening, as well as closing reception and catalog release.

Influenced by her continued research on the impact of colorism, curator D.E. Stenvoll-Wells explores how colorism contributes to tensions between minority groups, which prevents the unity required to combat divisive rhetoric. Colorism: The Spectrum of Internalized Bias aims to unpack the consequences of racial constructs to envision a future free of bias and cultural hierarchies and move towards a hybrid future. This exhibition compiles artists' responses to this form of implicit bias as an educational tool towards combating intra-racial prejudice. Questioning the very basis of modern-day racial categorizations, this exhibition reveals how colorism can be a component of inherited self-hatred and pursuit of unattainable beauty standards, as well as prejudice against those of non-white and hybrid ancestries.

Exhibiting artists include: Ashley Adams, Pilar Aguero Esparza, Natalia Anciso, Chaitra Bangalore, Marcia Barrow Taylor, Cynthia Brannvall, Carmina Eliason, Chuva Featherstone, Erika Gomez Henao, Jared Hendler, Susan Mah, Alicia McDaniel, Beth Consetta Rubel, Ron Moultrie Sanders, Karina Serapio Rendon, Rachel Maryam Smith, Juan Camilo Vergara, Daryl Wells, and Lisa (Nafis) White.

Opening Reception Sat, July 13, 7-10pm; Exhibition July 11 to August 10, 2019

Root Division
1131 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103


Phone: 415-863-7668
Contact: Samantha Reynolds

About Root Division:
A visual arts non-profit that connects creativity & community through a dynamic ecosystem of arts education, exhibitions & studios. We empower artists, foster community service, inspire youth, & enrich the Bay Area through engagement in the visual arts. We are a launching pad for artists, a stepping stone for educators and students, and a bridge for the general public to become art supporters.
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