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7/13, Between Them: An Installation Composed of Drawings
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Nancy Tubbs

July 11, 2019    

Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco presents:

Between Them: An Installation Composed of Drawings

Saturday, July 13 - Saturday, August 17, 2019; Opening reception Saturday, July 13, 4-6pm, San Francisco


Todd Hosfelt puts together approximately 200 drawings, ranging from abstraction to figuration and utilizing juxtapositions between works to tease out formal and thematic echoes across centuries and cultures.

Artists include Ruth Asawa, Antonio Asis, Chris Ballantyne, Rina Banerjee, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Robert Bechtle, Judith Belzer, Dike Blair, Michael Buthe, Alessandro Casolini, Tyrell Collins, Bruce Conner, Russell Crotty, Reed Danziger, Hugo de Marziani, Jay DeFeo, Jonathan Delafield Cook, Gustavo Diaz, Fortunato Duranti, Jacob El Hanani, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Leon Ferarri, Roland Flexner, Gajin Fugita, Alberto Giacometti, Max Gimblett, Nancy Graves, Zarina Hashmi, Tim Hawkinson, Eva Hesse, Kein Imao, Chusei Inagaki, Colter Jacobsen, Jacob Jordaens, Nam June Paik, Anish Kapoor, Yokoi Kinkoku, Isabella Kirkland, David Klamen, Stefan Kurten, Crystal Liu, Antonio Lizarraga, Jose Antonio Suarez Londono, Emil Lukas, Claire Lukas, Marco Maggi, Gerhard Mayer, Tyeb Mehta, Alicia Mihai Gazcue, Nasreen Mohamedi, Rosetsu Nagasawa, John O'Reilly, Mariyama Okyo, Gabriel Orozco, Driss Ouadahi, Raymond Pettibon, Patricia Piccinini, Yulia Pinkusevich, Liliana Porter, Ken Price, Angelina Pwerle, Lordy Rodriguez, Ed Ruscha, Fred Sandback, Andrew Schoultz, Shahzia Sikander, William T. Wiley, Mark Tansey, Paul Thek, Ana Tiscornia, Howei Tsui, Ignacio Uriate, Cornelius Volker, Hannah Wilke and William Wood.

Saturday, July 13 - Saturday, August 17, 2019; Opening reception Saturday, July 13, 4-6pm

Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco
260 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103


Phone: 415-495-5454
Contact: Dianne Dec

About Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco:
Hosfelt Gallery has shown international emerging to mid-career artists since 1996 in San Francisco. In fall 2012, Hosfelt expanded into a new 8,900 sq ft San Francisco venue. Our program is built around artwork with a refined level of execution that addresses critical inquiries in relation to the history of art, culture, politics, and intellectual discourse.
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