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Opting for a career as an illustrator—is it a good choice?
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Rosie Martin

June 25, 2019    

Having a career as a freelancer is not just about drawing and making images for books according to the story. Making children book illustrations mean to be able to tell a story with pictures and images. Where it is smart choice for freelancers, you must be able to promote yourself as an illustrator. Make a portfolio to market yourself and provide links to anyone who asks for your services. Develop a specific style of illustration and perfect it to provide creative illustrations to the client.

Creativity is not something that can be taught by a tutor. Creativity and imagination takes time to be perfect. There is no standard path to follow to become an illustrator. You can find hundreds of books and guides to become an illustrator, but practice is what you require to become better at it. Do you think having a career as an illustrator and graphic designer is a good choice?
Abdul Kaleem

July 16, 2019    

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Myra Brunson

July 18, 2019    

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