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5/4, Poetic Wax: Encaustic Paintings by Judith Williams and
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Nancy Tubbs

May 01, 2019    

Hayes Valley Art Works presents:

Poetic Wax: Encaustic Paintings by Judith Williams and Larraine Seiden

Opening reception Saturday, May 4, 2019 2-5pm, AND Exhibition May 4 - May 27, 2019, San Francisco


POETIC WAX, an exhibition featuring the work of artists Judith Williams and Larraine Seiden.

Both artists paint using Encaustic, meaning "to burn in," a technique originated by the Ancient Greeks. The paint is composed of beeswax, resin, and pigment particles, which are melted together at 200 degrees and applied to panels in a molten state with a brush.

Judith and Larraine both incorporate collage with papers, found and collected mementos, segments from journals, grocery lists, and receipts, among other items. Using the transparent beauty of wax, they layer and arrange these elements; the resulting images are a poetic mix of words, color, and images, with the hauntingly beautiful effect of the encaustic process lifting the work and transporting the viewer into another realm.

Larraine uses the language of textile arts to explore the mystery of the everyday experience. "My work comes directly out of the chaos of contemporary urban life; in the found spaces between juggling children, teaching jobs, housework, and an iPhone..... Like a quilter, I slowly witness and write my story with color, shape, and repeating patterns. Using pieced paper ephemera collected from my life, I map my inner thought scape as it moves through the outside world. I explore the emotionally-charged nature of time and memory by building up layers of color encaustic. Then I scrape and scratch the paint away, not knowing exactly what will be revealed and therefore remembered."

Judith's work evokes a more figurative and psychological landscape. She works in encaustic for its "beautiful translucency and transparency..... There is an ongoing psychological component in my figurative work. I think about the female psyche and how it manifests in nurture and accommodate, to be seen and noticed, to compete, to be respected, and to survive. It is issues of being female in a patriarchal society that always intrigues me."

Opening reception Saturday, May 4, 2019 2-5pm, AND Exhibition May 4 - May 27, 2019

HVAW Gallery
295 Oak Street
San Francisco, CA, 94102


Phone: 415-335-9885
Contact: Babs

About Hayes Valley Art Works:
Hayes Valley Art Works (HVAW) is a community creation space, dedicated to bringing art, performances and community events to the neighborhood.

HVAW is a Member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection provides Bay Area based artists and arts organizations with resources, community, and cultural space in order to develop sustainable practices. Visit
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