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11/3, Liz Mamorsky's Open Studio Preview Party
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Nancy Tubbs

October 31, 2017    

LIZLAND presents:

Liz Mamorsky's Open Studio Preview Party

Friday, November 3, 6:00pm-9:00pm, San Francisco


Lizland started life as Superior Sandblasting in the 1920's. It is now stocked to the rafters with paintings, drawings and reclaimed materials of all ilk that provide the fodder for Liz Mamorsky's unique Artbots and Rolling Stock (mini-dogs) sculpture.

Open Studio is a great opportunity to visit this "adult's playhouse" and explore the vast array of stuff including circuit boards, keyboards, antique wooden foundry patterns, license plates, stroboscopic timing wheels, CDs, buttons, RAM, hard drive platters, meat platters, cutting boards, knife blocks, modems, wooden shoe trees, step motors, bakelite mahjong racks, etc. You name it, Lizland's got it!

Liz's sculpture practice deconstructed:
"Though trained as a painter at Bennington College in Vermont, where I worked with Paul Feeley, my sculpture was all self taught. There were no rules, so I could do anything I wanted. I haunted hardware stores, scrap yards and thrift shops looking for wonderful, wacky elements and hardware that would join them together. One of my first finds were binder rings in different sizes. These were great for assembling my early robotic wall sculptures - sort of life-size paper dolls made of circuit boards. Using binder rings and eye screws I could assemble and disassemble these pieces easily for shipping. My joinery now is more complex and always evolving. The antique wooden foundry patterns employed in many of the works are from the Bethlehem and Mare Island Naval Shipyards. Used in the repair of the Liberty Ships in WWII, they contain the original signage and metal ID tags, and often, the names of the ships they were used for."

In addition to her sculptural Artbots and Rolling Stock (mini-dogs built on knife blocks), Liz is known for her visionary oil paintings which evolve intuitively and grow to fill the space. Characters morph and dance across canvas.

Preview Party: Friday, Nov 3, 6-9pm
Open Studio: Saturday & Sunday, Nov 4 & 5, 11am-6pm

Friday, November 3

LIZLAND Studio Gallery
739 Clementina St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103


Phone: 415-519-4139
Contact: Liz Mamorsky

Liz Mamorsky's Studio of Functional & Dysfunctional Art features visionary oil paintings, fantastical drawings, and anthropomorphic reclaimed materials Artbots, sculpture, tables and masks. LIZLAND has been featured in HGTV's Lofty Ideas, The Food Network's Ultimate Kitchens, KGO-TV's View from the Bay, The San Francisco Chronicle, Where, and AmericanStyle Magazine, among others.
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