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Tips and Tricks for Restaurant Website Design & Inspirin
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Anna Redcliff

September 20, 2020    

The top restaurant websites have beautiful presentations. But great design isn’t just about aesthetics; usability matters too. To show you how to get the maximum benefit from both aesthetics and usability and to inspire you and help you understand what it takes to craft a great restaurant website design we’ll start with tips and hints from our designers and conclude with examples of great website designs.
The best practices for restaurant web design
Who knows best what’s behind successful web design? Designers, of course. We asked our designers about the best practices for restaurant website design and collected their tips in four sections.
1. Convey a clear message in a readable way
2. Make sure navigation is seamless, consistent, and intuitive
3. Choose the right color palette
4. Use images and animations wisely and effectively
More info about restaurant websites
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