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10/5, Mark Chatterley - A Visual Diary - Figurative Ceramic
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Nancy Tubbs

October 03, 2019    

Sculpturesite Gallery presents:

Mark Chatterley - A Visual Diary - Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

Saturday, October 5, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Glen Ellen


We are delighted to present our sixth Solo exhibition of figurative sculptures by ceramic sculptor Mark Chatterley, whom we have represented for over 25 years. Included in this exclusive on-line show are 14 works, twelve in ceramic and two in bronze.

Chatterley has long been recognized as a trail blazer in a field where innovation happens every day. His work has been included in many museum and gallery shows throughout the USA and in Asia and he is considered a talented instructor by his students, some who have been taking his classes repeatedly over the years. In this exclusive on-line exhibition, we see that Chatterley has been playing with different forms and glazes.

Chatterley built his own kiln that allows him to fire not only entire life-size figures, but also intricately intertwined groupings of several to many figures. Chatterley's mastery of many types of glazes rests in his constant experimentation, pushing the boundaries of the materials and what the manufactures expect them to do.

Chatterley is best known for his "lava glazes", with craters and runs that he controls to a certain extent: "I am playing with the bubble size with different chemicals - bone ash and silicon carbide, to name a few", said Chatterley in a recent interview, "But it is not an exact science. Atmosphere in the kiln, weather outside, how thick I apply the glaze, all affect the results. It is always exciting for me to open the kiln after the glaze fire to see what is in there."

Chatterley continues to amaze with his large groupings of figures, which are fired as one piece in his walk-in kiln. He explains: "I have an interest in past cultures and how my work will be viewed 100 years from now. I am also interested in world religions, past and present, and how artwork conveys these belief systems. I am currently thinking of art as instinct and how it affects our everyday lives and how it was used for survival and passed down through the generations."

Saturday, October 5

Sculpturesite Gallery
14301 Arnold Drive Suite 8
Glen Ellen, CA, 95442

Free -CALL first to Confirm.

Phone: 707-933-1300

About Sculpturesite Gallery:
Sculpturesite is Northern California's only gallery dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary fine art sculpture. The indoor gallery is now closed, but the outdoor SculptureWALK is located in the historical Jack London Village in Glen Ellen. Jack London Village is located minutes from the Sonoma Plaza and an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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