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Itajime Shibori/ Shape Resist Shibori (level 1)
From Message
Abrams Claghorn Gallery

August 17, 2019    

This Workshop is available on two days!
Saturday, October 12th 11am -1pm
Sunday, November 3rd 11am - 1pm
$85.00 per person

1251 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706

Workshop Description

Learn the magic of indigo dye through Shibori techniques in this hands-on beginners workshop. You will design, dye and take home a tote bag. You will get to create beautiful designs using a few Shibori techniques with cotton fabric to take home and make projects of your own (placemats, pillow cover, napkins, etc.)

Join a group of students and immerse in an afternoon of fun and creativity! All dyeing materials provided. You can bring a couple of your own small goods to dye - please no bedding, duvet covers, curtains, etc.

Instructor Bio

Hi, i am a yoga teacher, healer, a mom and small business owner. I have a degree in fine arts and believe in sustainable living, I work in textile and fiber mediums, I believe that art of any form is a very powerful healing tool and when practiced helps us find ourselves, heal and evolve, which is why I love sharing my knowledge and help others to create their own unique pieces of art

You can never go wrong with art, in the end, everything one creates ( even with the imperfections) is beautiful and tells you a story, The focus should be more on the experience of transfer of your energy from your hands to this beautiful piece that you make

Limit: 10 students

Students are welcome to bring a couple of their own small projects
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