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Napa Valley Museum Announces Opening Surrealist Revolution &
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Tanya Pinkerton

July 16, 2019    

n the Main Gallery, The Surrealist Revolution in America explores the Surrealist revolution of thought and the role chance and choice played in the evolution of the avant-garde in America. The exhibition features original paintings, drawings and objects by Enrico Donati, Jimmy Ernst, David Hare, Gerome Kamrowski, Gordon Onslow Ford and Kurt Seligmann.

In the Spotlight and History Galleries, Juanita Guccione “Otherwhere,” the first comprehensive exhibition of Juanita Guccione, one of the most intriguing "lost" figures in modern art, includes painting and sculpture by an artist of whom the art critic Michael Welzenbach wrote: “[Guccione’s] single-minded approach to her work, [her] willingness to follow its development wherever that might lead…locates [her] squarely among the few but formidable ranks of the modernist avant-garde – a group whose integrity and vision will not be seen again in this century.” 

Napa Valley Museum
Tel: (707) 944-0500
Tix: $7.50-$20
James Morrison

July 25, 2019    

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July 27, 2019    

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