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7/12, Re-Visions
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Nancy Tubbs

July 02, 2019    

Reclaimed Room presents:


Opening reception July 12, 5-7pm; exhibition runs through September 7th, San Francisco


For this show, San Francisco based artists Danielle Satinover and Gregory Vernitsky bring a school of creative thought together. Both artists take a similar approach to the idea of found materials and come from a background where the financial ability to source materials for work was limited. This has instilled in them the skills to see something in the ordinary and often discarded. Both artists have been able to see beyond the ordinary to discover new interpretations.

Vernitsky combines carved and painted found wood, tossed metal, and plastic into a joyful play with time, scale, and narrative. Concepts and structures of public art, relativity of meaning, and reflection on human frailty and feelings, are realized through his innate ability to see possibilities in things as simple as a block of wood, or grace in a rusty scrap of metal.

Satinover also plays with concepts of the human condition but focuses more so on the connection between humans and our environments and structures. She often takes discarded man made items to create organic abstract forms. Her current work has been more descriptive, but still plays with the tensions between man's creations and natures.

Both Vernitsky and Satinover often approach their subject matter with a sense of lightheartedness. This ease with which they work adds a dimension to the story telling and gives the viewer a place to reflect on the history of the object as well as the new vision given to it by the artists. In the end, these two artists take discarded material and use it to reflect on our humanity and our connections with each other.

Join them for the opening, July 12th from 5-7pm, then listen to them talk on the 27th from 1-3pm. Try your hand at their processes with an art making session August 10th from 1-3pm, and finally, Re-Visions will end with a closing reception Saturday, September 7th from 1-3pm.

Opening reception July 12, 5-7pm; exhibition runs through September 7th

Reclaimed Room at Building REsources
701 Amador Street
San Francisco, CA, 94124


Phone: 415-285-7814
Contact: Angel Gurgovits

About Reclaimed Room:
Reclaimed Room is an exhibition space on the industrial shores of San Francisco that features environmental arts, crafts and media on a bi-monthly basis along with other events that help educate the public about conservation, the environment and the creative potential of reuse.

Reclaimed Room is a project of Building REsources, San Francisco's only provider of reused building materials.
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