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9/21, Reflections
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Nancy Tubbs

September 17, 2018    

Reclaimed Room presents:


Opening reception September 21, 5-7pm; exhibition on view through November 16, 2018, San Francisco


"Reflections" is an exhibition featuring the combined works of Marilynn Pardee and Marlene Aron. One imagines "traveling at the speed of light"...the other travels slowly, monitoring each breath. Marilynn Pardee works with industrial materials, Marlene Aron builds from the natural world. What holds the work of these two artists together is their love for detail, exploration, discovery, and construction of their seemingly disparate works. Marilynn Pardee works with iron, auto parts, tire prints; while Marlene Aron uses flowers, leaves, soil, wood ash, paint and glacial rocks, layered onto canvas and wood. Theirs is a world of contrasts and yet they sit beautifully together.

Marilynn Pardee creates lamps, furniture, screens and clothing, often painted and printed with tire tracks. "Motion is an essential element to my work, the series is called 'light in translation'. I imagine traveling at the speed of light, leaving random colorful tracks." Anchoring the show will be five beacons varying in height entitled Hope, Joy, Inspiration, Peace and Mirth.

Marlene Aron's work is a meticulous layering of memory and time. A reflection of her childhood, observing the colors of the earth beneath her feet, the glistening light between the branches, the sounds of water in brooks and streams. She combines natural elements and paints onto canvas, and builds large scale installations using soil, glacial and garden rocks, pottery shards and leaves. "I move with my body and hands that which means the most to me....My work is about the building up of layers and stripping away the surface. It is about reaching for the center."

The opening reception will also feature live music by Tom Wishing and Noam Cohen, aka Wishing & Bone. They will perform original blues, folk and country tunes. Some light refreshments will be provided. The event is free and once open, the exhibit will be on view through November 16th 2018.

Opening reception September 21, 5-7pm; exhibition on view through November 16, 2018

Reclaimed Room at Building REsources
701 Amador Street
San Francisco, CA, 94124


Phone: 415-285-7814
Contact: Angel Gurgovits

About Reclaimed Room:
Reclaimed Room is an exhibition space on the industrial shores of San Francisco that features environmental arts, crafts and media on a bi-monthly basis along with other events that help educate the public about conservation, the environment and the creative potential of reuse.

Reclaimed Room is a project of Building REsources, San Francisco's only provider of reused building materials.
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