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Featured Artists

Winter Orchids

Romas Brandt
With more than twenty five years creating original bookcover art for major New York publishers, Romas is expanding his portfolio. His passion for portraiture and fine art brings a monumental and classical realization to the face and figure.
Jeunesse (Youth)

Francoise Drouillet
French-American artist, inspired mostly by pop art, everyday style that you can come across in magazines, in the street, or on TV, I love to work with bold colors and strong compositions, somewhere on the verge of reality.

Deserted Beach

Jim Hegarty
I am a Civil Engineer in my day job. I drive many miles each year, and my trusty camera is usually in my back seat. Most of these images were taken near my parked car. I hope you enjoy my work.
Comfort Food

Susan "SuZan" La Berteaux
SuZan La Berteaux is a visionary artist and her imagery, whether expressed through painting or mixed media, has a dream-like, surreal quality. Using a palette of vivid colors, she incorporates elements found in nature and takes them beyond what is seen with the eyes, into the world of Spirit.

Highway of Heart - (2004)

David Labadie
Mixed Media
David Labadie's creativity was most influenced by the art of photography and film making in his early years. His work is rooted in emotional responses to his personal experiences in life. Eclectic and organic in nature, his drawings and paintings dare to define a new genre of socially impacted expressionism.

Paula Masterman
Mixed Media
Born and raised in San Francisco, Paula grew up surrounded by many cultures. Paula�s early exposure to the color, texture and cultures of so many different people have stayed with her and now come through in her passion for beadwork, incorporating techniques from around the world.

Foil 18 deep/earthy/steely

Alan Mazzetti
I like wine. Who doesn't? These wine foil paintings are about the sensuality of wine: visualizations of verbal descriptions of taste, smell and feel. Some are inspired by specific wines, others are interpretations of structure and balance.
Clara Bow's Buzzer

Jimmy McGill
Mixed Media
For well over two decades, Jimmy has been creating mixed media assemblage work consisting of wood, wire, aluminum, acrylics and found objects. Through collectors and word of mouth, his eclectic style has become a favorite among the Hollywood elite.

Meyong Suk

Cornelia Nevitt
Cornelia Nevitt is an award winning artist who has shown nationally in galleries, museums and juried shows. She received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree from The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California.

Heli Perrett is a sculptor who has studied and exhibited in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Buyers include corporations, museums, and private collectors in several countries.

End of Schmidt Lane

Lin Salamo
Still life and landscape paintings and streetscapes of East Bay towns: acrylic paintings with a focus on color and the way light plays over both natural and man-made forms.

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