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MesArt Original Art Collection
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Stacy Frank's Palms

   Stacy Frank

David Page's Fauna in Flora

Fauna in Flora
   David Page

Linda Lee Boyd's Stucco Workers

Stucco Workers
   Linda Lee Boyd

Vlada Raicevic's Ready to Crumble

Ready to Crumble
   Vlada Raicevic

Barbara Rogers's Erratic Machinations

Erratic Machinations
   Barbara Rogers

Lawrence Nusbaum's Flames Alive atb (giclee original print)

Flames Alive atb (giclee original print)
   Lawrence Nusbaum

Esther Baran's Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs for Breakfast
   Esther Baran

Sandra Oseguera's Tibetan Wall 2

Tibetan Wall 2
   Sandra Oseguera

Solveig Roberts's In the woods#3

In the woods#3
   Solveig Roberts

Meri Brin's Cells

   Meri Brin

John Dunn's saffron nude

saffron nude
   John Dunn

Palmarin Merges's Building for Sale

Building for Sale
   Palmarin Merges

Art Hazelwood's Addiction

   Art Hazelwood

Al Davidson's Venice

   Al Davidson

Sachiko Green's Between the Lines No. 26

Between the Lines No. 26
   Sachiko Green

Gabriele Schwibach's Winter Leaves

Winter Leaves
   Gabriele Schwibach

Esther Baran's Coyote Sings

Coyote Sings
   Esther Baran

Fernando Reyes's Five Feet I

Five Feet I
   Fernando Reyes

Esther Baran's They Rested

They Rested
   Esther Baran

Iouri Pestov's ...and the gyroscope was rotating precariously slightly above the...

...and the gyroscope was rotating precariously slightly above the...
   Iouri Pestov

Lola Fraknoi's Clean the Plate II

Clean the Plate II
   Lola Fraknoi

Sandra Oseguera's Stanislaus

   Sandra Oseguera

Roberto Montoya-Mejia's Sibyl

   Roberto Montoya-Mejia

Esther Baran's Fox and Coyote

Fox and Coyote
   Esther Baran

Julie Nelson's Praise How One Surrenders to the Emptiness

Praise How One Surrenders to the Emptiness
   Julie Nelson

A. Bernardo C. Marigmen III's sea kiss

sea kiss
   A. Bernardo C. Marigmen III

Esther Baran's West of the Moon

West of the Moon
   Esther Baran

Esther Baran's Creation Dance

Creation Dance
   Esther Baran

Linda Dubin Garfield's Distant Horizon 1

Distant Horizon 1
   Linda Dubin Garfield

Weyman Lew's Crimson Amaryllis
 with Figure

Crimson Amaryllis with Figure
   Weyman Lew

Carmen Soto Wyllie's Autumn River Reflection

Autumn River Reflection
   Carmen Soto Wyllie

Edward Gould's Sidewalk Garden

Sidewalk Garden
   Edward Gould

Ana M. Bikic's Dancing

   Ana M. Bikic

Donna Orme's Red.Gray.Black

   Donna Orme

Maria Conlon's Terracotta Mosiac

Terracotta Mosiac
   Maria Conlon

Esther Baran's Fox Went Out

Fox Went Out
   Esther Baran

Dilcia Giron's Dead End

Dead End
   Dilcia Giron

Esther Baran's Renard Guards the Chickens

Renard Guards the Chickens
   Esther Baran

Monte Leach's Illumination I

Illumination I
   Monte Leach

Regina Kirschner-Rosenzweig's Brilliant Bay

Brilliant Bay
   Regina Kirschner-Rosenzweig

Margo Norman's

"Laffin at Livin"
   Margo Norman

Harry Spitz's Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover
   Harry Spitz

Sandra Oseguera's Harbinger of Good One

Harbinger of Good One
   Sandra Oseguera

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We wish all of you happiness and success!