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MesArt Original Art Collection
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Dieter Picchio's Beam Leucanthemum

Beam Leucanthemum
   Dieter Picchio

Shay Alderman's release

   Shay Alderman

Waqas Ahmed's Mizaar

   Waqas Ahmed

Zahava Sherez's Three Dancers

Three Dancers
   Zahava Sherez

Meegan Barnes's Buns #2

Buns #2
   Meegan Barnes

Grayson Malone's Moon Over City Park

Moon Over City Park
   Grayson Malone

Ashley Eriksmoen's Bear

   Ashley Eriksmoen

Suzanne Clements's Fig 04

Fig 04
   Suzanne Clements

Meegan Barnes's Stay On The Sunny Side Of Life

Stay On The Sunny Side Of Life
   Meegan Barnes

Maggie Malloy's Man On Earth

Man On Earth
   Maggie Malloy

Candise Flippin's Offering Bowl

Offering Bowl
   Candise Flippin

Susannah Israel's Celadon Clown

Celadon Clown
   Susannah Israel

Marsha Balian's

"Lalo Sits on Bottom of the World"
   Marsha Balian

jj parra's Mixtecan Mask

Mixtecan Mask
   jj parra

Claudia Cohen's The Other Side of the Ocean

The Other Side of the Ocean
   Claudia Cohen

Debbie Fimrite's Washi Dolls

Washi Dolls
   Debbie Fimrite

Meegan Barnes's Buns #1

Buns #1
   Meegan Barnes

William Rades's Seduced

   William Rades

david vanorbeek's praying mantis

praying mantis
   david vanorbeek

Ruth Petersen Shorer's Lay, Lady, Lay

Lay, Lady, Lay
   Ruth Petersen Shorer

Ian Knife's

"woman of burlesque"
   Ian Knife

Alfred Camilleri's Unity in Celebration

Unity in Celebration
   Alfred Camilleri

John Baldwin's Of Ancient Seas

Of Ancient Seas
   John Baldwin

Josie Quick's Wild Woman

Wild Woman
   Josie Quick

Zofia Kubicka's on the wother

on the wother
   Zofia Kubicka

Maggie Malloy's Conspiracy of Silence:CONFESSIONS

Conspiracy of Silence:CONFESSIONS
   Maggie Malloy

Claudia Cohen's The Little Princess

The Little Princess
   Claudia Cohen

Kin Kwok (aka K.K.)'s City of Temples

City of Temples
   Kin Kwok (aka K.K.)

Maggie Malloy's Apples & Bulletts

Apples & Bulletts
   Maggie Malloy

Jean Pfann's Head of a Roebuck, after Durer

Head of a Roebuck, after Durer
   Jean Pfann

Mary Fiala's Mask

   Mary Fiala

omer huremovic's wire tree sculpture-silver weeping willow 1275

wire tree sculpture-silver weeping willow 1275
   omer huremovic

Meegan Barnes's Unbroken Rabbit Warrior Dog Spirit Princess Catcher

Unbroken Rabbit Warrior Dog Spirit Princess Catcher
   Meegan Barnes

Michele Collier's 3 graces

3 graces
   Michele Collier

Traudel Prussin's

"Judith", lounging
   Traudel Prussin

Maggie Malloy's Box of Bones

Box of Bones
   Maggie Malloy

Claudia Cohen's Lizard Bill

Lizard Bill
   Claudia Cohen

Traudel Prussin's Detente

   Traudel Prussin

Punkaj Manav's united soul

united soul
   Punkaj Manav

Cyril Donkor's soul comforter

soul comforter
   Cyril Donkor

Leslie Scott's Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture
   Leslie Scott

Earl Senchuk's Helter Swelter

Helter Swelter
   Earl Senchuk

Claudia Cohen's Visions of Velasquez

Visions of Velasquez
   Claudia Cohen

Nathalie Whisman's Offerring

   Nathalie Whisman

Gretchen Gaither's she mask

she mask
   Gretchen Gaither

Janet Goldner's People Book

People Book
   Janet Goldner

Peter Dreyfuss's Griffin

   Peter Dreyfuss

Mirel Goldenberg's The Lonely Knight looking for true love

The Lonely Knight looking for true love
   Mirel Goldenberg

Michael Hill's

   Michael Hill

Rebecca Fox's #108

   Rebecca Fox

Dieter Picchio's Beam Papaver-rhoeas

Beam Papaver-rhoeas
   Dieter Picchio

Cornelia Nevitt's Meyong Suk

Meyong Suk
   Cornelia Nevitt

Dieter Picchio's Beam radiant blue

Beam radiant blue
   Dieter Picchio

Maggie Malloy's Spirit Vessel III

Spirit Vessel III
   Maggie Malloy

Claudia Cohen's Making Magic

Making Magic
   Claudia Cohen

Rey Hernandez's Untitled Disc

Untitled Disc
   Rey Hernandez

Claudia Cohen's Merfish

   Claudia Cohen

Traudel Prussin's Torso 5

Torso 5
   Traudel Prussin



Zofia Kubicka's woman

   Zofia Kubicka

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