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MesArt Original Art Collection
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Cody Stout's zooloo

   Cody Stout

James Dinverno's Sophia

   James Dinverno

Debbie Fimrite's Barbie's vampire little sister

Barbie's vampire little sister
   Debbie Fimrite

Peter Olson's Men of Main Street

Men of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Nanci Price Scoular's bound together I

bound together I
   Nanci Price Scoular

Paula Masterman's Nova

   Paula Masterman

Travis Miller's Mother Earth

Mother Earth
   Travis Miller

Milan Andrejic's Mortal Voyage

Mortal Voyage
   Milan Andrejic

Debbie Fimrite's Origami Dolls

Origami Dolls
   Debbie Fimrite

. LONYA's Music Lesson

Music Lesson
   . LONYA

Marlene Tobias's Buddha

   Marlene Tobias

Scott Miller's Modular

   Scott Miller

Graça Leão's A senhora Passaro/The bierd Woman

A senhora Passaro/The bierd Woman
   Graça Leão

shaligram Gupta's Abstract Art

Abstract Art
   shaligram Gupta

David Labadie's Highway of Heart - (2004)

Highway of Heart - (2004)
   David Labadie

Debbie Fimrite's Customized Dolls

Customized Dolls
   Debbie Fimrite

Remarque Loy & Dana Kawano's Kuanyin Spirit of Healing

Kuanyin Spirit of Healing
   Remarque Loy & Dana Kawano

Peter Olson's Main Street USA

Main Street USA
   Peter Olson

Greg Harris's The light above

The light above
   Greg Harris

sonal goyal's 25point sometwo

25point sometwo
   sonal goyal

Reno Moreno's Crow Nation warrior,Unto the crow nation for my land forever.

Crow Nation warrior,Unto the crow nation for my land forever.
   Reno Moreno

Peter Olson's Pink Bistro Man

Pink Bistro Man
   Peter Olson

marlene white's Passing

   marlene white

Kevin Keul's The House

The House
   Kevin Keul

Frank Eftos's Red Carpet

Red Carpet
   Frank Eftos

Christopher D's Untitled Flyboy #67

Untitled Flyboy #67
   Christopher D

Eric Kennedy's the beginning

the beginning
   Eric Kennedy

Greg Harris's The Neck

The Neck
   Greg Harris

Peter Olson's The Lotus Club

The Lotus Club
   Peter Olson

Mery McNett's Nude Crawling

Nude Crawling
   Mery McNett

Elizabeth Baenisch's sample

   Elizabeth Baenisch

Lauren Ari's The container that holds sad things

The container that holds sad things
   Lauren Ari

Lina Egutkina's Who's better, who's faster...

Who's better, who's faster...
   Lina Egutkina

Woody Miller's The Story of Us

The Story of Us
   Woody Miller

Cande Aguilar's American Scape

American Scape
   Cande Aguilar

Chester Elmore's Cusp of Enlightenment

Cusp of Enlightenment
   Chester Elmore

April Anthony's Single Fire

Single Fire
   April Anthony

Tmothy Robert Gratkowski's N=3

   Tmothy Robert Gratkowski

Peter Olson's Trees of Main Street

Trees of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Mariangela Smania's Paz

   Mariangela Smania

Raza Awan's Extreme Frustration

Extreme Frustration
   Raza Awan

Sharlena Wood's Entering the Burnt Forest

Entering the Burnt Forest
   Sharlena Wood

Cheryl Wright's Game Time

Game Time
   Cheryl Wright


Little beard
   Wilfred "Joe" Purcille

PEARL GLASS MOSAICS's The Spirit of Unity

The Spirit of Unity

Peter Olson's Bistro Man

Bistro Man
   Peter Olson

Patrick Elliott's Inside A note

Inside A note
   Patrick Elliott

Jared Carpenter's Red Frames Never Get Burnt

Red Frames Never Get Burnt
   Jared Carpenter

Renee Eaton's BALANCE NO 25

   Renee Eaton

Sandi Miot's Dominion IV

Dominion IV
   Sandi Miot

Peter Olson's The Avenue

The Avenue
   Peter Olson

Carol Shapiro's equations

   Carol Shapiro

Patricia Zemanek's Heart Flight

Heart Flight
   Patricia Zemanek

manli chao's

"Let It Run #06"
   manli chao

Debbie Fimrite's Black Kimono

Black Kimono
   Debbie Fimrite

Jared Carpenter's View Of A Nation

View Of A Nation
   Jared Carpenter

Gabriel Mott's Release

   Gabriel Mott

Peter Olson's The Women of Main Street

The Women of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Susan Brady's Memory House

Memory House
   Susan Brady

Tammy C. Morris's Louisiana Boathouse

Louisiana Boathouse
   Tammy C. Morris

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