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MesArt Original Art Collection
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Milan Andrejic's Mortal Voyage

Mortal Voyage
   Milan Andrejic

Magali Pinero's Moon Can Dance

Moon Can Dance
   Magali Pinero

Thomas Carrieri's Elemental Fear

Elemental Fear
   Thomas Carrieri

April Anthony's Single Fire

Single Fire
   April Anthony

Jared Carpenter's View Of A Nation

View Of A Nation
   Jared Carpenter

Jared Carpenter's The Blueprints of Evolution

The Blueprints of Evolution
   Jared Carpenter

Stevens  Jay Carter's Giclee :The  Family of Man

Giclee :The Family of Man
   Stevens Jay Carter

Susan Brady's City House (Plan)

City House (Plan)
   Susan Brady

Claudio Parentela's untitled

   Claudio Parentela

Tia Bailey's The Burden Is Mine To Bear

The Burden Is Mine To Bear
   Tia Bailey

sonal goyal's 25point sometwo

25point sometwo
   sonal goyal

Dorothy Shack's Untitled

   Dorothy Shack

Jared Carpenter's Finding Home In Yourself

Finding Home In Yourself
   Jared Carpenter

Peter Olson's Three Women

Three Women
   Peter Olson

James Paul Thompson, Ed.D.'s Family Tree

Family Tree
   James Paul Thompson, Ed.D.

Peter Olson's Pink Bistro Man

Pink Bistro Man
   Peter Olson

Jared Carpenter's The Middle Son

The Middle Son
   Jared Carpenter

Reno Moreno's Crow Nation warrior,Unto the crow nation for my land forever.

Crow Nation warrior,Unto the crow nation for my land forever.
   Reno Moreno

Elizabeth Baenisch's sample

   Elizabeth Baenisch

Peter Olson's Men of Main Street

Men of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Jared Carpenter's Red Frames Never Get Burnt

Red Frames Never Get Burnt
   Jared Carpenter

Bill Christensen's flying fish

flying fish
   Bill Christensen

Lauren Ari's The container that holds sad things

The container that holds sad things
   Lauren Ari

Shelly Slaton's The Runner

The Runner
   Shelly Slaton

Chester Elmore's Cusp of Enlightenment

Cusp of Enlightenment
   Chester Elmore

Alvaro Arrosamena's Territorio del deseo

Territorio del deseo
   Alvaro Arrosamena

Paula Masterman's Nova

   Paula Masterman

Bathsheba Veghte's Safe

   Bathsheba Veghte

Peter Wise's Turret Juno

Turret Juno
   Peter Wise

Eric Kennedy's the beginning

the beginning
   Eric Kennedy

Jacob Kleyn's Tears  ,1990

Tears ,1990
   Jacob Kleyn

Nicole Williams's Back Beat

Back Beat
   Nicole Williams

Greg Harris's glimpse

   Greg Harris

Peter Olson's The Lotus Club

The Lotus Club
   Peter Olson

Joanie Arvin's Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
   Joanie Arvin

Jared Carpenter's Set To Eastern Time

Set To Eastern Time
   Jared Carpenter

Shay Alderman's jump

   Shay Alderman

Sharlena Wood's Entering the Burnt Forest

Entering the Burnt Forest
   Sharlena Wood

Debbie Fimrite's Black Kimono

Black Kimono
   Debbie Fimrite

Martin Webb's Borderline

   Martin Webb

Maryly Snow's My Life As An Artist

My Life As An Artist
   Maryly Snow

PEARL GLASS MOSAICS's The Spirit of Unity

The Spirit of Unity

Patrick Elliott's Inside A note

Inside A note
   Patrick Elliott

Werner Glinka's vessel #516

vessel #516
   Werner Glinka

Peter Olson's Bistro Man

Bistro Man
   Peter Olson

Katherine McKay's Lifecycles No. 4: Oak

Lifecycles No. 4: Oak
   Katherine McKay

Jenny Taliadoros's A Blue Horse Can Fly

A Blue Horse Can Fly
   Jenny Taliadoros

Greg Harris's The Neck

The Neck
   Greg Harris

Sandi Miot's Dominion IV

Dominion IV
   Sandi Miot

Cheryl Wright's Game Time

Game Time
   Cheryl Wright

Yuriy Averkin's Picture on carved glass plate decorated with gold

Picture on carved glass plate decorated with gold "The Last Supper" ("Cenacolo", series) , by BRUBER Bruno Bertoldini, 1960, Venice
   Yuriy Averkin

Peter Olson's The Women of Main Street

The Women of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Mariangela Smania's Paz

   Mariangela Smania

Susan Brady's Earth House

Earth House
   Susan Brady

Tomas Och's Green Tree GT0012YC

Green Tree GT0012YC
   Tomas Och

Cande Aguilar's American Scape

American Scape
   Cande Aguilar

T. C. Fedkenheuer's

"Warrior Woman"
   T. C. Fedkenheuer

Andrew Ogus's Angel(s) and Demons 13

Angel(s) and Demons 13
   Andrew Ogus

Bradley Burnell's Deep Inside

Deep Inside
   Bradley Burnell

Cody Stout's zooloo

   Cody Stout

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