Linda Masotti

Linda Masotti is from a small rural area in Northeastern California. 
Vast skies and open spaces have influenced her concept of space and time and our place within it.
Her work begins with a concept for a narrative, and from the initial idea she allows her work to follow its own path. Bits of ephemera often find their way into the work, and chance effects play a role in the final resolution.
A random event, a fleeting image in the mind’s eye on awakening, a persistent phrase, a splash of color glimpsed from a moving train…. She feels compelled to explore these memories and translate them into a visual image that creates a unique synthesis of what is real and what is imagined. The exploration of themes often leads her to work in a series of several related pieces, exploring and developing a concept in fuller depth.
Linda is equally at home in two and three dimensions, and she is inventive and skilled in a variety of media, including construction, printmaking, encaustic and mixed media. All of her work is enriched by her mastery of color, line and form, and these give voice to choices made, fragments of images re-shaped, altered or replaced…time and space revisited.

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