George Ehrenhaft

I started painting watercolors after retiring in 1996 from teaching English in a suburban high school in Mamaroneck, New York.  

Now in California, I live 20 minutes east of San Francisco Bay. That's a blessing. I can paint outdoors 300 days a year, and there's no end of dazzling places to paint. I lean toward landscapes, mountains, trees, barns, and other buildings. I'm also drawn to lakes, rivers, reservoirs--even puddles. Travel has given me the chance to paint in Italy and Nepal, among other places.

I'm overjoyed at the public's response to my paintings. I'm told most often that my work is beautiful, followed by the comment, "I'd like to buy one, but I have no more room on my walls." People ask "Do you do oils?" "Portraits?" "Commissions?" and "Do you have a website?" My answers: No, No, Yes, Yes
I've had paintings in numerous exhibits and shows, juried and otherwise. Some have been awarded prizes. Hundreds hang in homes across America. Others have made their way to  Canada, Germany, Tanzania, and other far-flung places.  

When I first applied paint to paper, I had no artistic affiliations. Then I became more or less active in various art societies, associations, centers, groups and guilds.  Since moving west in June 2005, I've joined the California Watercolor Association, the Lamorinda Artists Alliance, the Oakland Art Association, and the Moraga Art Gallery.  

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings.

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