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My name is Teo and I am originally from the Philippines. My family and I came here on May of 1973 and I became an American citizen on 1976.

I started painting abstract arts and landscapes 3 years ago. I have been painting mostly at nights and weekends because I have been working a full time job.

At the end of July 2005, we have been laid off by Bank of America because our department has been moved to Charlotte, NC. I was a Research and Investment representative for 6 years.

For me, the lay off is a "blessing in disguise", which will give more opportunities to create more paintings by being a full time artist. I am looking forward to this new beginning.

My sweetheart and I currently live in Bellevue, WA, which is approximately 25 minutes east of Seattle.

To me, Art is Love and Love is Art. I hope that you enjoy what you see. Thank you for viewing my Artworks.

Here is a little bit more about me and the many miracles in my life.....

Despite many of the close calls that I've had in my life, I am very thankful and very blessed that I am still able to continue to do my Artworks in which I love so much. I honestly believe that my many miracles would not have been possible without Jesus Christ in my life. I have known Jesus Christ all of my life and I would like to share with all of you those close calls that I am referring to:

This is my testimony, I encourage you to read on.

#1 - According to my dearest mother, I have been born pre-maturely on Oct.5, 1961. I came out to this world after 8 months in the womb. When I was born, my mouth have been infected and have gotten very swolen, to a point that I was not able to take in milk or food. My parents thought I was going to die. The doctors have forced a tube that helped me take in nutrients. I was a skinny baby which made it hard for the doctor to inject me because I did not have much flesh on me. But despite all of my troubles, I am here today to tell you this first incident. This is the first time that THE LORD had saved my life.

#2 - I was 7 years old, outside the elementary school in the Philippines when all of a sudden, a javelin that has been thrown came in my direction and had graced my forehead. The injury that I had was just a little cut on the flesh of my forehead. Had I been out of position just a fraction of an inch, the javelin would have targeted my head, but because of the grace of God, My LORD Jesus Christ, I have been saved a second time.

#3 - From my recollection, I was 13 years old, when I was riding in the back seat of my father's Rambler (old automobile). As I recall, he was turning left on a street close to the Immigration building when a another car hit us from the right side. I was a little banged up but no injuries. I had a small cut on my right knee. The LORD had saved my life again for the 3rd time.

#4 -(1979). I was working at Wendy's (Rainier Ave) in Seattle, during this time. It was a closing shift when one of my co-workers had opened the back door to take out the remaining garbage in the restaurant, when all of a sudden, a man with a gun got inside and had tried to rob us. He might have gotten some cash from the register and had left suddenly, no one was injured.

#5 -(1980). It was early Sunday morning I was working an early shift at Wendy's on Rainier Ave in Seattle., less than a minute after the restaurant had opened, a man with a shot gun and his partner came inside the door. He wanted us to go to the office. He had the shot gun pointed in the back of my neck and to this day, I can remember the coldness of the metal barrel on the back of my neck. He told all 4 of us to lay on our knees without looking at him. He hog tied all of us in the office. The manager at the time was very brand new and the man had asked him to open the safe. He was not able to open the safe the first time because he was trembling, but a few seconds later, he was able to open the safe. The man took the money from the safe, yanked the phone connections from the wall and instructed us not to leave the office or he will kill all of us. All four of us, two girls, myself and the manager stayed in the office for a long time. The two girls were crying. Believe it or not, I was somehow not as nervous as I should have been, but a bit dazed. I was praying to GOD the whole time and for some reason, I felt his presence in me and I felt calmness.

#6 - (1982). My brother and I were horsing around wrestling probably because we had watched wrestling on TV many times when all of a sudden, he had accidentally landed on my stomach. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach area and had to be rushed to the hospital. My appendicits had burst and I needed immediate medical attention. I was rushed to Swedish Hospital in Seattle where I had my surgery and had my appendicitis removed. The doctor had told me that had it been a few minutes longer, my blood would have been poisoned that I would have died. I recovered quickly. I thanked the LORD for saving my life again.

#7 (1984) I was on my way to my second job at a Red Robin Restaurant in Tacoma, WA. I ended up running a red light for the simple reason that I did not see it. The reason that I did not see it was because I had this "wink mirror" which is a bar of multiple angled mirrors that was installed inside the car. This "wink mirror" was installed low enough that I did not see the red light. I ended up running thru the red-light only to be sandwiched by two cars. My car was extremely damaged. The car was hit on the driver's side and the passenger side. I can still remember the shattered glass all over my lap. Miraculously, I walked out without a single scratch. My car was impounded and I remember ringing the door bell at my mother's house. I don't recall how I got to Seattle from Tacoma. I can vaguely remember possibly taking the bus, but I know that I did not have any money on me at the time. My mother opened the door and I remember telling her that I just got into a car accident but I am ok. Thank the LORD.

#8 (1985) I was working as a teller (part-time) at Old National Bank in Seattle when two men, one with a shot gun came in and robbed all of us in the bank. As I can recall, there were 3 other tellers beside myself and a manager. The two men were captured by our security camera and later was caught. No one got hurt. Thank God.

#9 (1986). I was working as a teller for Old National Bank in Seattle, Capitol Hill area at the time when I got robbed one on one. My teller station was closest to the entrance. The guy came in came up to my teller area and pulled out a gun. He demanded all of the money. I had put all of the money inside the bag that he provided and I had included a dye-pack (fake money that explodes) with ink. He reached inside the bag and threw the dye-pack back at me. He left immediately but was captured on security camera and was never caught, to my knowledge.

#10. (1988?). I remember driving home from Red Robin after a closing shift. I was driving somewhat faster than normal. It was raining heavily. As I was close to home, I ran over a pot hole that caused me to lose control of my car. I began to swerve into the oncoming car. I can see the headlight of the oncoming car very fast and I thought for sure that I was going to get hit. I closed my eyes and braced for impact and I did not get hit. I thought for sure that I was going to experience a head on collision but the LORD had saved me again.

For many years, I asked THE LORD for explanation as to why I am still here on this earth and why HE had spared my life many times. These happened for a reason and I did not know why, until now. The message that I feel that I need to convey is this. GOD IS FOR REAL and HE IS THERE FOR YOU IF YOU SEEK HIM.

Thank you for reading my miraculous story. I am just an ordinary guy with Jesus in my heart.

With Peace and Love,

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