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My Sound Track / Tips

These and other great songs are what keep me inspired and moving. We all could use a great sound track! Enjoy! J


My Sountrack:


About my Prints:

* I do all my own printing to insure the quality of the prints

* The images are printed on 100% cotton rag archival quality photo paper for the prints, in either 9.5" x 13" or 13" x 19" sizes.

* The ink used is a pigmented-based ink that is fade and water resistant.

* We don't offer framing so that the prints can be framed to your own individual decorating style.

* Each print will be individually signed by the artist.

* For protection, the prints and cards will be sent in a crystal clear archival polypropylene sleeve and a rigid mailer.

* There are many prints in progress that are not on the website yet. If you are interested in a particular image that you don't see here, you can e-mail us to see if it will be available in the near future.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact me. I will either correct any problems or send a full refund.

Decorating Tips:

Groupings: Unless the art work is large or the wall is small or narrow, a grouping of prints, or a print grouped with other wall decor will look better than a single print. A grouping of the same size prints should be hung symmetrically with the same amount of space between each print. They should also be placed fairly close together so that they look like a unit. A print hung as part of a wall decor grouping consisting of various shapes sizes and colors is called an asymmetrical display. This is a little trickier to hang. If you are questioning how it will look, before you hammer any holes in the walls, I would advise cutting paper into the sizes and shapes of the pieces you are hanging. Lightly tape the pieces to the wall however you wish, and then rearrange them till you get the look you like.

Hanging Height: Many people hang pictures too high; they should be hung at eye level. A whole dissertation could be written on exactly what eye level is. (Standing eye level vs seated eye level, and what about a person 6 ft. tall vs 5 ft. tall?) Average standing eye level is about 60 inches from the floor, so this would be good for wall decor in halls and entryways. In rooms such as dining rooms and living rooms, where people are generally seated, you'll have to use your own judgment. You could try the cut out paper taped to the wall trick as described above to decide, just don't hang them higher than 60 inches. Wall decor behind an average sofa or any piece of furniture should be hung with the bottom about 6 inches above the back so that they look like a unit.

Matting: Since a mat should not upstage the artwork, a neutral colored mat (white, ivory, black) is never a bad choice. Usually mat color should contrast with the wall color it will hang on. Prints hanging on a white or ivory wall look good in the green mats. For unity, the same color mat should be used for each picture in a grouping. If you are purchasing a frame at a department or craft supply store, the frame will often come with a mat, especially if the frame holds multiple pictures.

Framing: From bulky, ornate and gold, to plain and thin, there's a huge variety of frames out there to choose from. You don't want a frame that overwhelms the picture. The bouquet prints in particular are very colorful and busy, so they probably would not go well in a large really ornate frame. Basically, you should choose what pleases you.


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