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  Luna Paesch
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Luna Ruth Paesch
Printmaker and Sculptor

Artist Bio 2020

I grew up and studied art in the divided city of Berlin, Germany. West-Berlin was an exciting place for a young artist to grow up in, there was art everywhere. My teacher at the University of Art-Berlin was Shinkichi Tajiri, an American artist teaching sculpture with an interdisciplinary twist. I experimented with photography, sculpture, printmaking, and Installation Art. Ultimately printmaking is where I found my focus and continued my studies when I moved to the US. At Laney College I found Charlie Chavez as my teacher and learned lithography. Later I moved on to woodcut, and figurative clay sculpture. I found another inspiring teacher in Ceramic artist Susanna Israel.

When I became the Ceramics teacher at a Public High School, I found less and less time for my art. Eventually I went on a Sabbatical,  traveled and did volunteering, and learned a new skill, stone sculpture. With renewed inspiration and new subjects, my artistic practice is finding a place back into my life. My new work incorporates the experience of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean, and my deep family connection to the sea.

My family came from a small town at the edge of the Baltic Sea, but my parents left for West-Berlin before the Wall was built. Every summer when we could get travel visas we would go to the Baltic Sea and spend our summer vacations on the white sand beaches there.
Much later, after the wall came down, my mother moved back to the Baltic coast and I would visit her every summer.
There is something deeply calming about walking along the sea and looking out toward the horizon, listening to the steady rhythm of the waves. Being blown around by the wind on a cold day clears up your head, and resets your mind. My teacher Shinkichi told me as artists we are archeologists of our inner selves. Our artworks are the artifacts of that search.

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