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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Mixed Media
  Steve Hermann
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My name is Steve Hermann, and I have been drawing for the past twenty seven years. I am a self taught artist, with only art classes back in High School to get me on my way. Over the years I have researched several different techniques, ranging from pencil, to charcoal, and now my recent exploration into pastel.
         I tend to veer away from the traditional techniques of both pencil, and pastel, and do my work how I feel best suits the piece I am working on. While I do usually start my work with the basic colors if I am working in pastel, I tend to concentrate on one area until I am pleased at the outcome. I also try to be different in my work. In my painting Spring Storm, that particular piece was done to be displayed at my local library as part of a theme spring wall. I wanted to move away from the usual items associated with spring, and stand apart from the rest of the artwork.
  After a hiatus from art for almost 8 years, I have several people to thank to get me involved back into art. My wife who has encouraged me. My two wonderful children, who, going back to my early days, had me draw them their favorite cartoon characters. My brother in law, who is a wonderful pastel artist, who helped me on my way in working with pastels.

  Steve currently lives in Elk Grove village, Il, where he resides with his wife, and two children. His work can be seen at the Elk Grove public library during theme wall displays.

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