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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Photography
  Diane Licht

   Diane Licht Landscape Architect
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Professionally, I have been a practicing Landscape Architect since graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. Landscape Architecture, Department of Environmental Design. Landscape Architecture is its own art form. It melds an internal inspiration with an external construction. It begins with an imaginative concept, is developed in graphic communications, and ultimately is realized in physical form, experienced and interacted with by others.

I consider each view within a landscape design as a "scene"; as if a backdrop to a stage, a vista, a painting all its own. In the built environment, it is a living painting whose elements change with the passage of time; from the modifications of light within a single day, to the variations in the effects of the four seasons, to the maturation of the materials over the years. Landscape Architecture is also about movement through space, like dance; how one designs a landscape is how others will move through it. What a stunning realization that two great loves, art and dance, all exist within the context of my chosen profession.

The architect's design decisions create an environment in which the use, and the mood, of the space are molded. This is a precise, detail oriented practice. Every decision matters. The effect, however meticulously created and crafted, safe and environmentally well integrated, is often subliminally perceived.

So it is with painting on canvas. As the artist again, my inspiration is what occurs in the natural world as form, movement and light. My interest remains in evoking mood; harmony and balance, a place where I would want to be. The working style difference is that I am utilizing this medium to move beyond the precision required by my profession. While still evocative, this process aims at allowing a freedom and looseness where here, nothing really matters beyond the experience of the artist, immersed in immediate and spontaneous creativity, and the experience of the viewer, invited to viscerally interact with that creation.

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