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  FINE ART:  Painting
  Ilya Artamonov
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Ilya Artamonov is a graduate of Kazan Art School and the Saint Petersburg V. Muchina Art College where he focused on design, painting and drafting. He is a successful Kazan artist and has had gallery exhibits in Holland and Germany. Ilya Artamonov’s art merges classical images with modern interpretation and original techniques. His paintings are a combination of textured effects, color systems and soft lines which display a delicate, trembling soul at their heart.

Participating in different teams of designers who joined in so-called Annual Senezh Seminars under the guidance of M. Konik, one of the leading designers and scholars of Russia, Ilya Artamonov took part in such projects as the Project of Reconstruction, Improvement and Humanization of the Moscow Garden Ring (1986), Project of Reconstruction, Improvement of the Ilizarov Hospital in Kazan (1987) and design of the Literary Museum of Tukai in Kiriltai village (1988). He also took part in seminars – “Language and means of fine arts” (1989), “A quiet talk of things, or, The story of an abandoned house” (1990), the Soviet-French seminar “Dinner-party in February” (1991). In 1991 he took part in the Seminar of Architects and Designers in Lille (France).


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