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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Printmaking
  Sylvia Sussman
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My paintings play and work with the spaces created by the horizon, or its absence: by the sky; the weather; the earth and its expanse, its curvature, its fecundity; the water, its movement, its colors; by light manifested in atmosphere; by the landscape's presence, its fullness and its emptiness. Where I include the figure, it should be seen as of the space. I have been working on a several series referring to wetlands, mudflats and grasses; to ponds and fields.

I use thin layers of oil on unstretched canvas, acrylics on paper, watercolor, pastels and graphite. Recently I have been exploring the process of monoprinting.

My work refers to the regional landscape and more universally to the way in which landscape can affect our emotional states and can uplift us into a wider sense of being in the world. My use of the horizon as a structural element speaks to the role it plays in our sense of space.

Though born in New York, my childhood was spent in Washington State which influenced my contemplative attachment to the landscape. Later schooling in California and graduate study in London introduced me to very different atmospheres and light. I also developed a love of the English watercolorists of the 18th and 19th Centuries. After receiving a graduate degree in Sociology in the mid sixties, I studied painting at SFAI where I also taught in the Humanities dept.

My paintings have been shown at various venues including Richmond Art Center, Villa Montalvo, Bedford Gallery, Pro Arts, Berkeley Art Center, Addison Windows, Alameda Cnty.Court. I have had mural size oil paintings hanging in two City of Berkeley sites; currently some large oils on canvas are showing at the Gaia Arts Center, Berkeley.

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