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Self Portrait (1974)

The Art of Anthony Toney

Painting, Mixed Media, New Media

This collection of Anthony Toney's oil paintings covers eight decades of his exceptional career. A noted New York artist, who died in 2004, he was a master colorist and prolific painter whose work includes realistic portraiture, large abstract canvasses and a signature style that is a mixture of both.

Toby Tover

Painting, Photography, Mixed Media

Everyday life 'clip shots' have held a fascination for me. Satire, humor and personal isolation are strong threads that weave themselves throughout the figurative work. They have been processed through my own visual filter.

World in a Mousetrap

Irina Ushakova-Krukova

Painting, Mixed Media

Irina Ushakova-Krukova is painter, print designer and  interior designer.
Evening in a Summer House

Makhmut Vagapov


Works of Makhmut Vagapov are included in the collection of the Art Museum of Tatarstan, as well as art collections across the U.S., Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Valley Of The Dolls

Maca Violet

Painting, Jewelry


Xavier Viramontes


My work focuses on my life growing up in a Mexican/American household. They touch on rituals and themes that are specific to Latin culture and also touch on universal themes, such as, life and death.

Behind Ventana

Marlene Weinstein


My art is a reflection of the evolution of my spirit .. the immediacy and vibrancy of soft pastels and the connection between my fingers and my paper canvas excite me ... the energy I feel from within ... some spark that generally ignites in an explosion of color.

Flower Wool

Fiber Art

Wool Art Gallery: rugs, clothes, shoes and accessories made by felting the wool

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