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Artur Akopjan


Creation is equal to complete freedom; everything is acceptable when it comes to art. Artur has no special expectations from the viewers. Artur admires Girts Muiznieks, Ilmars Blumbergs and Boris Berzins.

Teo Alfonso

Painting, Mixed Media, New Media

My goal as an artist is to be able to create artworks that many people can enjoy for a lifetime. Hopefully, you will allow me to create one for you. ALL of my paintings are high-grade acrylics on gallery-stretched canvases. Various sizes are available. Please contact me for details. Thank you.

Emotional Primaries

Jonathan Anderson

Painting, Graphics, Mixed Media, New Media

I am a 30 year old published poet and writer, as well as a gallery represented artist. My creative focus is mainly surrealism and fantasy. I often take an unconscious approach to my art, it is usually a combination of automatic work mixed with my present emotional state.

Dennis Ansell

Sculpture, Mixed Media

Paint, collage and assemblage are the instruments of my imagination. I am of the DADA and surrealist schools. Juxtapositions of forms, symbols and color; this is my comment, oratory, poetry. I have pieces in private and museum collections in the U.S. and Mexico.

Coppola Building with Cafe Zoetrope

Elizabeth Ashcroft

Painting, Graphics, Mixed Media, Jewelry

Elizabeth Ashcroft creates evocative mixed media collages and vibrant acrylic paintings that explore the tensions between abstraction and representation. Since 1996, she has also drawn an ongoing series of architectural portraits in graphite pencil depicting the edifices that define the unique Italian neighborhood of North Beach, SF.

Jason Austin

Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, New Media

I am a visual artist from Vallejo CA. I've been creating art ever since I can remember. My artwork has been featured in Art Business News and has been shown throughout the U.S. including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York.


Jeff Beers

Painting, Graphics, Printmaking, Mixed Media, New Media

Materials are the root of my inspiration. They are the subject matter of these works.The techniques come about through working with wax, resins, cloth, paper, raw pigments and found materials.
We Shall

tai belize


Tai studied art throughout public school and college. She took classes at the School of Visual Arts and Studio Museum of Harlem. She exhibits regularly with the TALOB an East Bay art group.


Carolyn K. Bellis

Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Mixed Media, New Media, Ceramics

I've been creating art since I was a child. I began seriously studying art at eighteen. I've continued creating and studying art for forty three years Currently I am taking private classes, painting, drawing, doing collages and 3-D Constructions.
Evening Fog

Ikuko Boyland

Painting, Printmaking

Ikuko worked as a commercial Audio-Visual Producer/Director in Tokyo for more than 15 years before she studied fine arts. Since then, she has been enjoying painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor. She also enjoys Printmaking.

Breath of Our Ancestors

Courageous C

Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Glass, Furniture, Fiber Art

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Courageous started creating art as soon as his motor skills began to develop. Renaissance, Dutch, and Pre Raphaelite paintings quickly caught the eye of a very inquisitive young artist. The grand illusions of the great masters would captivate, and pre-empt a life long jouney.

Nick Cann


Nick Cann, fifth-generation Californian from Palo Alto, worked as a set illustrator for MGM studios then freelanced as a graphic designer in Los Angeles for 29 years. Now in Napa, he wrote diaries for The Last Samurai. Hotels, airports, department stores, and restaurants across America have commissioned his murals.


Ron Carter

Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Jewelry, Book Art

We are ARTF.F.O.G., a growing Art Team creating works that keeps the I.R.S. at bay and makes you ask, "Why?"
Untitled 1

Olga Champion



There Is A House 1

JoAnn Coffino

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media

JoAnn Coffino began creating art after 21 years as a professional baker. She conveys the pleasure derived from visual encounters with the world, from the domestic to the exotic. JoAnn works in various media including printmaking and painting and her style ranges from realism to abstraction.
Every Perversion is Justified

Gary Comoglio

Painting, Graphics, Printmaking, Mixed Media

Painter :: Printmaker

My work has elements of Cubist, Surrealist, Tonalist, & Pop styles.

I focus on creating interesting compositions that carry the viewer's eye around the work. My other major focus is capturing the mood and intricate shapes and textures morphed by the everchanging light of the day.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Side

Duane Conliffe


Mr. Conliffe chooses to capture and process diverse subject matter to his personal vision and always has an intimate artistic stake in the ultimate expression, the fine art photographic print. Some of his passions include nature's beauty, culture, hot rods and motorcycles and abstract photographic art.
Dreamscape #2

Pauline Crowther Scott

Painting, Graphics, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Fiber Art, Book Art, Print Design

Growing up in England, I attended art colleges in London where I studied Fine Art. I taught art in high schools and colleges while painting and sewing fabric wall hangings. In 1980 I arrived in San Francisco where I continue to paint, teach and exhibit in the Bay Area.

bridge over blue river

leo degreco


graduate from ''La Fame''

Paula deJoie

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

Paula deJoie studied under Karl Kasten, Elmer Bischoff and Robert Hartman at UC Berkeley. She then worked in law, television and advertising before returning to art in the mid-90's. Paula's painting, printmaking, photo image transfer, encaustic and collage reflect her life experiences with emphasis on culture, politics and family history.

Standing the Test of Time

Kenneth DeVilbiss


I am a self-inspired landscape artist (oil and acrylic) with no formal training. I started painting when I was 15 and continued through high school, but took about a 25-year hiatus. I forgot how relaxing and gratifying it is watching a painting unfold on a canvas.
Lucca Mosaic

Melinda diSessa

Painting, Printmaking

I learned printing from Cayen Robertson and Elaine Nehm at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, CA. Working both with and without the press, I use paper and ink to explore emotions, concepts, and colors.

Retiens la Nuit (Hold on the Night)

Francoise Drouillet


"Nou desine desen qui ven a imajanasyon, desen ki fè nou plezi." "We draw what comes from our imagination, a drawing that makes us glad." I have nothing to add to that Haitian artists' saying: it's exactly what I want when I paint.

George Ehrenhaft


WATERCOLORS--BY GEORGE ●Landscapes ●Travels (Italy, etc.) ●Barns ●Towns and Cities ●Nepal, etc. ●Serendipities

Three Girls on BART

Elizabeth Ennis

Painting, Printmaking


Jimi Evins

Painting, Printmaking

True colors

Blue wing

Sacred Muse: Face Painting by Sophia Marie

Painting, Graphics

Sophia Marie works at festivals, parties, and events as an adult and children's Face Painter. She has over 9 years of experience and works with each individual to create something they will love! To inquire about rates and availability please call: (415) 368 7994
Sailing by the Gate

Margaret W. Fago

Painting, Photography

Art has always been part of my life. I am now devoting my time to capturing images of water scenes and moods: the quiet reflections, the boats and sailing, the people, birds and animals hanging out around water.

My Torch

Sherry Fennessy


I have the joy of making glass beads (also called lampworking). I make every bead and then design the finished piece of jewelry using sterling silver, swarovski crystals, jade, turquoise and other gemstones. I use only the finest materials. I incorporate my love of color into every piece.

Carole K. Fitzgerald


CAROLE FITZGERALD, grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, known for its lovely scenery. Early influences instilled a lifelong passion to explore landscapes, including California, Colorado, Oregon, France, and Japan. She now lives and works in Northern California.

China Basin No 2

John Fitzsimmons

Graphics, Photography, New Media

These photographs are available for purchase. Please contact the artist regarding size availability and prices.
First Lesson

Kat Flyn

Mixed Media, New Media


The Bather

Jill Gibson

Painting, Graphics, Printmaking, Sculpture

Jill Gibson is a California painter, sculptor, and photographer. She has shown her work in America, throughout Europe, and is in many private collections as well as permanent installations. Her focus on nature and the feminine is reflected in her work.
Graham of Key West

Stephen E. Gibson


I've painted portraits since childhood: my first 'Best in Show' was for a portrait of my sister; my first commission was a portrait of a classmate's nephew; my first blowout with Dad was from telling him I had drawn a picture of a substitute teacher.

The Spirit of Unity


Mixed Media, Glass

My work is a passionate and imaginative exploration of color and form in the ancient, yet new medium of mosaics. Stained glass and mixed media give this medium a tactile and brilliantly reflective quality. My portfolio and biography are on this website.
Red Coral Gemstone Pendant Choker & Earrings

Judith Greathouse


Judith's functional jewelry line includes stretch rings, coil bracelets, cuff bracelets, Dione Add-a-Bead bracelets, collars and chokers designed over memory wire. Functional jewelry overcomes any problems with adorning yourself caused by arthritis, surgery, accidents, etc. Her innovative approach to functional jewelry design is beautiful and affordable.

Silver Creek Trail

Robin Greenberg


I am an artist with a BFA from Queens College, NY, working in acrylics and focusing on landscapes and seascapes from North Carolina.

Saida Hogan-Nassirruddin


My artistic expression is floral photography. I specialize in traditional floral portraits, abstract floral portraits and digital floral art. Welcome to my garden of floral delight!

Space Study, #1

Amy Ione

Painting, Graphics

The varieties of visual perception are my primary artistic interest. Currently my studio practice integrates representational exercises with perceptual explorations to deepen and expand my understanding of both our visual processes and interactive creativity.
Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

Jack Jacobson


After many years of presenting architectural renderings in pencil and watercolor, I have been enjoying a newfound means of expression through intaglio printmaking combining line and aquatint, and more recently with monotypes both in monotones and full color.


Noriko Kawamoto


My designs incorporate the colors and changing moods of the sea - the shimmering iridescence of kelp in a tidepool, the cool, misty grey of a foggy San Francisco Bay or brilliant blues of Caribbean shallows.
Docked and Loaded

Mike Kimball

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, New Media, Illustration, Print Design

I am an artist in love with the city. I am drawn to the visual imagery of the urban landscape. I find the abstract synthesis of pattern and architecture, advertising and texture fascinating, and try to show this in my work.

Do Not Enter

Nomi Klein

Painting, Mixed Media

Nomi was born in Israel and grew up on a Kibbutz. She learned technical machine design and served in the Israeli army. She studied oil painting in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, and window design in Tel- Aviv. Nomi currently lives in San Francisco.

Peter Kupfer


What I have always loved about photography is its ability to capture a unique moment in time, what Henri Cartier-Bresson famously called “the decisive moment.” I was born in New Haven and currently live in San Francisco. My work has been exhibited in New York, New Haven and San Francisco.

The Other Side of the Fence

Mary Ann Leff

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

My work, primarily abstract, is about being in the moment. Produced with intuition, spontaneity and an intense, everlasting love of color, it is meant to be viewed in the same way--allowing the sensuality and emotionality of the moment to be absorbed.
Mysterious Forest #72

Robert Lowenfels


A self taught watercolorist based in the suburbs of New York city I hope you enjoy my landscapes, seascapes, flowers and plants, portraits and abstract works. Prices from 5$ to 400$, check out my newest genre, flowers and plants.

I Can Fly, Too!

Tatiana Lyskova

Painting, Printmaking, Photography, New Media

Tatiana is an artist and graphic designer. She works in illustration, web design, and graphics. Printmaking, especially etching, plays an important role in her life..
San Francisco at night

Fabian Magaloni


A Bay Area Fine Art photographer experienced in architecture photography, group and individual photographs in all age groups, jewelry catalogs, event photography, repairing, correcting, and enhancing digital images, teaching adults in multimedia subjects.

Monotype #3

Ellen Markoff


Ellen Markoff is a printmaker who lives and works in San Francisco. Her studio is at Hunters Point Shipyards and twice a year she shows her work there. In 2002 she was commissioned by Macy's to do artwork for four of their stores.

Kay Marshall

Painting, Printmaking

Kay Marshall graduated with a B.S. in Art from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She lives and works in her Richmond, Calif. home studio where she paints and produces monoprints on her [ancient] cast-iron etching press. She exhibits regularly and her work is in numerous private collections.


Dominic Martello


Photography came into my life prior to having a stroke. After surgery it seemed to take on a life of its own. All images are individually printed by artist. I was recently nominated in the Architectural Category for an International Spider Awards Black and White Competition. The link is here:
Rothko's New Vision

Linda Masotti

Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media

Linda has exhibited widely in the Bay Area entering exhibitions in various mediums: printmaking, painting and mixed media. To begin with an idea and then see “where it takes you” allows for spontaneity and chance effects to play a role in the final resolution.

Solar energy 2

Irina Matinyan



Mark Mattioli

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

In the fine arts, Mr. Mattioli likes to cultivate a state of mind that hearkens back to the playful realms of childhood imagination. He considers himself "a punster" and is blessed with an endless source of wacky ideas.

Maria Mayr

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, New Media

I was blessed by God with the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. To grow my talent, I work everyday. I am spontaneous and intuitive...
Blue Series 2

Marti McKee


Marti McKee is a native of San Francisco who came into the art world later in life. Perhaps due to delaying her artist dream she has pursued the study of the figure with commitment and intensity during the last 15 years.


Michelle Mendoza


The rich, impasto, translucent qualities of oils give textural and abstract qualities to Michelle Mendoza’s paintings. The artist is a San Francisco native with a studio in Petaluma. Her works hang in collections across the U.S., including the Hormel trust.
A Night on the Town

Juliet Mevi

Painting, Sculpture

As a full-time artist, I incorporate my love of California, my ethnic heritage, and my love for adventure into an original style of painting.


Ramin Nafikov

Painting, New Media

Ramin Nafikov has acquired high mastery in drawing, as well as profound knowledge of laws of composition, and has developed an extremely subtle sense of color.

Claude Peschel Dutombe


The Berlin born artist has chosen Asia as his home for more than 15 years now and made Asian and Middle Eastern themes the subject of his creative work ever since.

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