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Flight of Fancy
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Aglow #1 Bronze 3 Metals Necklace  #62 Metal/Metallic 3 Star Necklace  #33 Bronze
Black Pearl Pendant  #65 Mixed Media Bronze Spiral Pendant #96 Metal/Metallic
Water Drop  #6 Metal/Metallic Bronze Green Leaf  #15 Metal/Metallic Crescent-V Necklace #92 Metal/Metallic
Steel Spiral Necklace #90 Metal/Metallic Steel V Pendant  #77 Metal/Metallic Leaf Veins-2 #58 Metal/Metallic
Steel Crescent Pendant #78 Metal/Metallic Mokume Gane Pendant #81 Metal/Metallic Steel Crescent Pendant #79 Metal/Metallic
Steel Button Earrings #47 Metal/Metallic Button Earrings #48 Metal/Metallic
Button Earrings #49 Metal/Metallic Bronze Earrings #3 Mixed Media Crescent Earrings #42 Bronze
Crescent Star Earrings #125 Metal/Metallic Bronze Star Earrings #4 Bronze Steel Loop Earrings #50 Metal/Metallic
Bronze Sunburst Earrings #51 Bronze Bronze Flower  Earrings #65 Bronze Branch Earrings #68 Bronze Bronze Crescent Earrings #1 Bronze
The Bather Cement By the Window Cement Poppies Cement Rose Cement
Flight of Fancy Cement Tree of Life Cement Lotus Pool Cement The River Cement
The Heavens Cement La Natura Cement Star Cement The Buddha Cement
Kuan Yin Cement Egret Cement Poppy Pods Cement Toscana Cement
LaFleur Cement Turtle Cement Dragonfly Cement
In The Moment Cement Life Forms Cement
Seahorse Cement Great Blue Heron Cement Scorpion Cement Crab Cement
Stasis Cement Affinity Cement Low Tide Cement Open Ocean Cement
Seahorse Gathering Cement Aglow Cement Continuum Cement Maya Cement
Undine Cement Seed Woman Cement Spindrift Cement Guardian Cement
Sitting Woman Cement Rooted Woman Cement Hebe Cement
Dreaming Woman Cement Reclining Nude Cement
4 Face Candle Base Cement Indigo Cement Round Rose Cement
Large Sprout Cement Small Sprout Cement Ruminating Cement
Lg. Hanging Pot Cement Sm. Hanging Pot Cement
Datura Oil Restoration Oil
Prescient Eye Oil The Beach Oil Homage to Henri Rousseau Oil Awakening Oil
Moon 2 Oil Flight of Grace Oil Above and Below 4 Oil
Oarsman Oil Night Errant Oil Hikate Oil The Vessel Oil
Lucio Oil Tempesta Oil Moon Oil Above & Below 3 Oil
Shadow Oil Woman X Oil 3 Women V Oil
3 Women IV Oil By the Sea Oil Branches Oil Above and Below-2 Oil
Via Del Interno Oil Two Women Oil Seed Oil Woman VII Oil
Woman on a Red Box Oil Figure-Wall Oil Woman-VI
Woman V Oil Beginning Oil Above and Below - 1 Oil
Black & White Notations Oil Free Float Oil Moon Poems Pastel
Articulations Pastel In The Forest Pastel Starry Night Pastel
In The Moment Pastel Deer Woman Pastel Rose 2 Pastel Night Voyage Pastel
Rose 1 Pastel Italian Moon Pastel Floating Pastel Floating 4 Pastel
Moonscape Pastel Forces 1 Pastel Forces 2 Pastel
Forces 3 Pastel Forces 4 Pastel Forces 5 Pastel
Rain Forest Pastel Untitled Pastel Woman I Pencil
Woman III Pencil Stasis Pencil Woman lV Pencil
Woman VIII Pencil Elmer Valentine Oil Lou Adler Oil Sri Aurobindo Oil
Jack Nicholson & Jennifer Oil Page Adler Oil Sara Webster Oil
Jane Johnson Oil Michael Savage Oil Mattia Borrani I Oil Liza Lidow Oil
Eric Lidow Oil Josi & Manni Adler Oil Lucia, Elena & Mattia Oil
Phillis Somers Oil Rodolfo Meli Oil Self Portrait (detail) Oil Patti Smyth Oil
Meher Baba Oil Josi Adler & Family Oil Core Linocut
Flight of Fancy
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female face; shell; acorn; water; plant; dragonfly
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