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Joe Dumars NBA
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Oathofthedopeboys Oil Buddaboy Oil We Live in Brooklyn Baby Oil
Graphicartistdude Acrylic Selfportrait Oil LisaLorenz Oil
Lisa&Sera Watercolor The Dentist Oil Allnet Oil
Sneak a Drink Oil Myhand Pencil Joe Dumars NBA Oil
Konacrash Watercolor bikeinforest Acrylic x-gamesS.F. Acrylic
Yellowframe Acrylic bike Acrylic Crankit Acrylic
Downhillracer Acrylic Oneway Acrylic Hondadownhill Watercolor
Ilovetoridemy Acrylic John Coltrane Oil Bird&Jaco Acrylic
Gerry Mullighan Acrylic Charles Mingus Acrylic Dizzy Gillespie Acrylic Lionel Hampton Acrylic Billy Holiday Acrylic
Jelly Roll Morton Acrylic AlbertCollins Acrylic SarahVaughan Acrylic
Memphis Minnie Acrylic LouisArmstrong Acrylic WyntonMarsalis Acrylic
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Red Space Acrylic Saturn and Ring Acrylic Organicsci-fi Pencil
Hand and foot syudy Charcoal Bust study Pencil Male nude drawing Charcoal Female nude head  shot Charcoal
Comic strip smoke Watercolor Flowingup Watercolor Slamjam Watercolor
Asiandreamgirl Watercolor Islandrain Acrylic DougCreecree Acrylic Abstract for Lisa Oil
Fire Watcher Oil Jack in the Box Oil 1015 Folsom Oil
Dad and Uncle Steve Oil Mom, me, and Sera(Fifi) Oil
Cousin Torre Oil Cousin Stanley Oil Dad'sart Pencil
Dad'sartpencil Pencil Painting for Denny Tempera
Dad's painting for Mom Tempera Serafina Ceramic Serafina'sart#1 Pen and Ink
Circles and Lizard Acrylic Mommy Pastel I Love Girraffs Acrylic
Tree on da Wall Acrylic Hills and dots Acrylic
Portrait of mommy Acrylic nature in silver Acrylic
seeds in silver and gold Acrylic Man in the Moon Acrylic Roxy music Mixed Media
Drawing of fancy mug Charcoal Fifi self portrait Pen and Ink untitled Mixed Media
Etching of shoes Etching India Hindu Pencil untitled Pencil
untitled Pen and Ink Family drawings Pen and Ink Failea Rainee Bocanegra Ceramic
brown mug Ceramic Indian vase Ceramic white vase Ceramic Blue mugs Ceramic
Blue pitcher Ceramic Blue plate Ceramic Blue vase and top Ceramic
Green vase Ceramic Bridge Pencil pottery Pencil
sausers Pencil brown bowl Pencil pot with stiches Ceramic
Fai working hard Photography, B/W
Joe Dumars NBA
  40 x 30 in
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Joe Dumars point guard for the Detroit Pistons NBA legend. Two time NBA champ
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