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Moon Shadow
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Ascension Acrylic Sun God Acrylic Enlightened? Acrylic Reflection Acrylic
Ecstasy Monoprint Present Monoprint Arising Monoprint Plenty Acrylic
Vortex Acrylic Good Listener Acrylic The Way Acrylic Enveloped Acrylic
Blue Man Acrylic Meddlesome Mirror Acrylic Coy Acrylic Portrait Charcoal
Beauty Pastel Thoughtful Monoprint Clown Acrylic Valor Acrylic
The Prize Watercolor Revelry Acrylic Reticence Acrylic Petroglyph Acrylic
Leverage Acrylic Old Man Monoprint Juggler Acrylic Sky Ribbon Acrylic
Anonymous Acrylic Stance Acrylic Veiled Acrylic Sun Dance Acrylic
Prostration Acrylic Horn Player Acrylic Icarus Ascending Acrylic
Icarus Falling Watercolor Remorse Acrylic Winner Acrylic Hill Dancers Acrylic
Street Figure Acrylic Hanged Man Acrylic Stepping Out Oil On the Sea Acrylic
Serpent and Man Acrylic Buddha Acrylic Olympian Acrylic Ophelia Acrylic
Wishing Well Acrylic Mediation Acrylic Unnamed 1 Acrylic
Juggling Buddha Acrylic Icarus Acrylic Garland Bow Acrylic Vortex Acrylic
Penitente Acrylic Naked Figure Acrylic Torn Acrylic Free Acrylic Grasping Acrylic
Hands Acrylic Burden Acrylic Arbour Acrylic Neighbour Acrylic
Cornucopia Acrylic Visionary Acrylic Canyon Wings Acrylic Blue Wings Acrylic
Sombrero y Leon Acrylic Kneeling Acrylic Witchcraft Acrylic Priestess Acrylic
Falling Acrylic Declaration Acrylic Mother and Child Acrylic Oedipus Acrylic
Testimony Acrylic Obscurata Acrylic Blues Man Acrylic Figura Acrylic
Figura Dos Acrylic Child Love Little Acrylic Moon Shadow Acrylic Martyr Acrylic
Moon Wing Acrylic Clarity Acrylic Contortionist Acrylic In Utero Acrylic
Russian Acrylic Russian 2 Acrylic Until Acrylic Desponded Acrylic
St. Paul Acrylic Sunset Contemplation Acrylic Grown Acrylic Hieroglyph Acrylic
Lumos Acrylic Gitano Acrylic Mind Ripples Acrylic
Archer Acrylic Tricolor Icarus Acrylic Sleeping Monk Acrylic
Encircled Acrylic Gondolier Acrylic Pride Acrylic Angel Demon Acrylic
Impediment Acrylic Fortuna Acrylic Flame and Juggler Acrylic Treasure Box Monoprint
Gemini Monoprint Token Monoprint Iron Smith Acrylic Rat Totem Acrylic
Decision Acrylic Willow Acrylic Heat Acrylic Yogi Acrylic
Water Fire and Window Acrylic Within Without Acrylic Birdman Acrylic Flute Player Acrylic
Woman and Snake Acrylic Untitled Acrylic Juggling Acrylic Olympiade Acrylic
Firedancer Oil Bird Dancer Oil Levitation Oil Meritus Oil
Trinity Acrylic Being Acrylic Pregnant Acrylic Abundance Acrylic
Ghost Body Acrylic Band Acrylic Communication Acrylic
Drama Dance Acrylic Devils Acrylic Witnesses Acrylic
Father and Child Acrylic Familia Acrylic Inheritance Acrylic Papa Acrylic
Tango Acrylic Medalion Oil Floating Acrylic Floating Acrylic
Lunar Conversations Acrylic Perceiving Acrylic Pot of Souls Acrylic Gift Monoprint
Ghosts Acrylic Adrift Acrylic Leap Acrylic
Villain Acrylic Romance Acrylic Archer Acrylic
Embrace Acrylic Gregarious Acrylic Plant Fairie Acrylic Figure 1 Acrylic
Figure 2 Acrylic Figure 3 Acrylic Llama Acrylic Spiral Drifter Acrylic
School Boy Acrylic Ballet Acrylic Ribbon Dancer Oil Zealous March Acrylic Kanji Man Acrylic
Kanji Man 1 Oil Kanji Man 2 Oil Fighting Kanji Oil Flamenco Oil
Directions Oil St. Christopher Acrylic Ballet 1 Monoprint Begging Bowl Acrylic
Secret Acrylic Squabble Charcoal Umbrella Oil Mediation 1 Oil
Capoeirista Chalk Cornered 1 Oil Thought Oil Giantess Acrylic
Smoke Acrylic Nude Oil Cosmic Egg Oil Street Corner Charcoal
Singing Capoerista Charcoal Water Maiden Oil Spear Oil Speech Oil
Harvest Chalk At Sea Pastel Tragedia Acrylic Friend Acrylic
Clown Watercolor Veiled Acrylic Monk Acrylic
Michael Acrylic Carmen Acrylic Xenos Acrylic Monje Acrylic
Unnamed Charcoal Calypso Acrylic Helios Acrylic Octavius Acrylic
Candlelight Acrylic Thaddeus Acrylic Moon Acrylic Moon Laughter Acrylic
Grandpa Chalk Sailor Chalk Child Chalk Blue Acrylic
Buddhist Monk Chalk Abdullah Acrylic Mumbasa Acrylic Amir Acrylic
Love Is Acrylic Consternation Charcoal Solis Chalk Ivan Monoprint
Countenance Acrylic Akeela Acrylic Istambul Acrylic
Whatever Chalk Statue Sketch Pencil Ugly Money Oil
Hanging in Conformity and Unrest Charcoal The Handsome Sailor Charcoal Payaso Oil
Viejo Oil Introduction Monoprint Maeesha Chalk Brilliance Charcoal
Countenance 1 Acrylic Mother Acrylic Solice Acrylic Water Gourd Oil
Torn Acrylic Pose Charcoal Statue Study Pencil Ashamed Charcoal Poseur Charcoal
Flower Study Pencil Seated Figure Pastel Pose 1 Charcoal Reader Pencil
Roseanna Charcoal Roseanna 1 Charcoal Pose 2 Charcoal Pose 3 Charcoal Braid Oil
Reclining Nude Pencil Ablaze Monoprint Wave1 Monoprint Wave2 Monoprint
Wave3 Monoprint Cocoon Monoprint Tree of Life Monoprint Mother and Child Monoprint
Dancers 1 Monoprint Reaching Monoprint Sun Print Monoprint Inditement Monoprint
Sun Print 2 Monoprint Surf Monoprint Tao Monoprint Prize Monoprint
Gaia Monoprint Sunburst Monoprint Mountain Peak Dancer Monoprint Mountain Peak Dancer - Blue Monoprint
Holding Monoprint Talking Drum Monoprint Untitled 1 Monoprint Talking Drum 1 Monoprint
Winged Monoprint Mama y nino Monoprint Pachanga Monoprint Found Monoprint
Seaward Monoprint Bow Monoprint Seed Monoprint Moment Monoprint Moment 1 Monoprint
Moon Dance Monoprint Moon Dance 1 Monoprint Moon Dance 2 Monoprint Bounce Monoprint
Bounce 1 Monoprint Arbol Monoprint Gondolier Monoprint Past Monoprint Chaplin Salute Monoprint
Fish Monoprint Woman and Fish Monoprint Earth Mama Monoprint
Drums Monoprint Flamencanas Monoprint Threesome Monoprint
Head Over Heels Monoprint Enamored Monoprint Twisted Monoprint Gemini Monoprint
Topsy Turvy Monoprint Relationship Monoprint Dating Monoprint Dating 1 Monoprint
Fiesta Monoprint Suitors Monoprint Selection Monoprint
Earth Mama Trio Monoprint Fishes Monoprint
Sun Stamp Monoprint Rainy Day Monoprint Rainy Day 1 Monoprint
Drums 1 Monoprint Prisoner Monoprint Skeleton Seed Monoprint Sol Monoprint
Fish 1 Monoprint Triple Fish Monoprint Skeleton and Roses Monoprint
Wanderer Monoprint Sandscape Monoprint Sun and Rain Monoprint
Sunscape Monoprint Traveler Monoprint Dancer Monoprint
Drum and dancer Monoprint Flamenco 1 Monoprint Double Vision Monoprint Crowded dance floor Monoprint
Crowded Dance Floor 1 Monoprint Heart Mates Monoprint Heart Mates 1 Monoprint Dancing Queen Monoprint
Cat Tails Monoprint Cat Tails 1 Monoprint Cat Tails 2 Monoprint Planet Play 1 Acrylic
Planet Play 2 Acrylic Planet Play 3 Acrylic Planet Play 4 Acrylic Ripples Acrylic
Planet Play 5 Acrylic Sorcerer Acrylic The Key Acrylic Plantetude Acrylic
Planet Dancers Acrylic Glacier Acrylic Potion Maker Acrylic Blue Planet Dancer Pastel
Offering Pastel Planet Dance 5 Acrylic Cosmic Pear Acrylic Hand and Sphere Acrylic
Hand and Sphere Acrylic Alpine Sun Oil Bodhi Tree Acrylic Meditator Acrylic
Protection Acrylic Libris Acrylic Wizard Acrylic Leading the Bull Acrylic
Warrior Acrylic Balance Acrylic Reverence Acrylic Reverence 2 Acrylic
Justice Acrylic Blooming Pastel Contemplation Acrylic Victory Dance Acrylic
Flight Monoprint Damon Acrylic Meditation Acrylic Meditation 1 Acrylic
Wave Meditation Oil Seraphim Monoprint Philias Monoprint Handsome Acrylic
Prayer Acrylic Jubilation Pastel Heaven and Hell Acrylic Sun Flower Dance Acrylic
Pilgrimage Acrylic Witness Acrylic Fire Dance Acrylic Bodhi Sun Acrylic
Edge of the World Acrylic Genesis Acrylic Budding Acrylic Door Acrylic
Blue Tantra Acrylic Auric Pastel Fire Plant Oil Lagartija Oil
Transformation Oil Roots Charcoal Whale Acrylic
Sea Monkey Acrylic Tortuga Acrylic White Eagle Pastel
Turquoise Bird Acrylic Chicken Man Oil Bird Oil The Artist Room Oil Guitar and Tree Charcoal
Sun and Guitar Acrylic Tree Oil Fried Egg Oil Kind Acrylic
Carrying Acrylic Stretched Acrylic Reaching Acrylic Changing Acrylic
Moonlight Meeting Acrylic With You Acrylic Color Of Morning Acrylic
Moon Shadow
  12 x 9 in
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9x12 acrylic on paper
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