Anita Toney
 Bright Moments (2015-6)
 California Scenes (2011-16)
 In Peru (2014)
 French Connections (2009-10)
 Coast Walk (2007-8)
 Midsummer Dreams (2006-7)
 Bay Area (2005-6)
 California Triptychs III (2003-4)
 Last Summer (2003)
 Seasons (2001-2)
 Euro Routes (2000)
 California Triptychs II (1998-2000)
 Fairfax Inside and Out (1997)
 World Views (1995-2002)
 California Triptychs I (1989-1992)
 The Journey Home (1993)
 Multiple plate process
Fall Changes (Exterior)
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More 'Seasons (2001-2)' by Anita Toney
Bright Moments I: Tomales Bay Etching Bright Moments II: Oysters Etching Bright Moments III: Pileated Woodpecker Etching
Bright Moments IV: Lake Lagunitas Etching Bright Moments V: Carmel Beach Scene Etching Landmark VI: Cove @ Pt. Lobos Etching
Landmark V: Big Sur Etching Landmark IV: Carmel Mission Wall Etching World Views X: Carmel Beach Etching World Views XI: Pt. Lobos Revisited Etching
Landmark III:Ocean View Etching Landmark II: Park View Etching #1. In Peru@Lima Etching #2. In Peru@Arequipa Etching
#3. In Peru@Sacred Valley Etching #4. In Peru@Pisac Etching #5. In Peru@Moray Etching
#6. In Peru@Inca Temple Etching #7. In Peru@Machu Picchu Etching #8. In Peru@Cuzco Etching
#9. In Peru@Miraflores Etching French Connections I: Seafood in Bordeaux Etching French Connections II: The Canal Etching
French Connections III: Ancient Village Etching French Connections IV: End Point Etching
French Connections V: Oysters in Sète Etching French Connections VI: Sète Etching Coast Walk I: Marin Trail/Beach Etching
Tennessee Valley Trail Etching Tennessee Valley Beach Etching Coast Walk II: Point Lobos/ Big Sur Etching
Point Lobos State Park Etching Big Sur Coastline Etching Coast Walk III: Bay Spill/ Bird Etching
Bothin Marsh Preserve Etching Blue Heron on Rocks Etching Coast Walk IV: Pt. Reyes National Seashore Etching
Pt. Reyes View South Etching Point Reyes North Etching
Midsummer Dreams I: Alto Adige (Italy) Etching Midsummer Dreams II: Alto Adige (Italy) Etching Midsummer Dreams III: Verona (Italy) Etching Midsummer Dreams IV: Verona (Italy) Etching
Midsummer Dreams V: Ceret (France) Etching Midsummer Dreams VI: Languedoc (France) Etching Midsummer Dreams VII: Vaucluse (France) Etching Midsummer Dreams VIII: Bourgogne (France) Etching
Midsummer Dreams I-IV (Italy) Etching Midsummer Dreams V-VIII (France) Etching Bay Area Connections I: The Commute Etching Bay Area I: Fort Mason Etching
The Commute Etching Bay Area Connections II: The Race Etching Bay Area II: San Rafael/ Richmond Bridge Etching
The Race Etching Bay Area Connections III: The Visit Etching Bay Area III: The Visit Etching
The Visit Etching Bay Area Connections IV: The Path Etching Bay Area IV: Fairfax Footpath Etching
The Path Etching Limantour Beach Views Etching
San Rafael Ponds Etching
Tahoe Rim Trails Etching Last Summer I: Kitchen Etching
Last Summer II:Window Box Etching Last Summer III: Carmel Mission Etching Last Summer IV: Big Sur Etching
Last Summer V: Santa Barbara Etching Last Summer VI: Laguna Beach Etching Last Summer VII: Mt. Tam Etching
Last Summer VIII: Bon Tempe Etching Last Summer IX: Alpine Lake Etching Spring Shadows (Diptych) Etching Spring Shadows (Interior) Etching
Spring Shadows (Exterior) Etching Summer's Lease (Diptych) Etching Summer's Lease (Interior) Etching
Summer's Lease (Exterior) Etching Fall Changes (Diptych) Etching Fall Changes (Interior) Etching
Fall Changes (Exterior) Etching Winter's Resolution (Diptych) Etching Winter's Resolution (Interior) Etching
Winter's Resolution (Exterior) Etching Euro Routes I: Cafe (Vienna) Etching Euro Routes II: Canal (Venice) Etching
Euro Routes III: Palace (Venice) Etching Euro Routes IV: Passageway (Venice) Etching Euro Routes V: Fortress (Italy) Etching
Euro Routes VI: Vineyards (Austria) Etching Euro Routes VII: Bikeway (Austria) Etching
Carmel Mission Views Etching
Carmel Ocean Views Etching
California Vines Etching Fairfax Inside and Out I: Memories Etching
Fairfax Inside and Out II: Teatime Etching Fairfax Inside and Out III: Homegrown Etching Fairfax Inside and Out IV: Dusk Etching
Fairfax Inside and Out V: Lake Lagunitas Etching Fairfax Inside and Out VI: Vista Etching World Views I: French Pastry    (Paris) Etching
World Views II: German Hollyhocks (Legau) Etching World Views III: Swiss Wildflowers (Adelboden) Etching World Views IV: Maui Waters (Hana) Etching
World Views V: Dutch Windmills (Holland) Etching World Views VI: California Coast (Point Lobos) Etching World Views VII: Winter Waterfall (Yosemite) Etching
World Views VIII: Point No Point (Vancouver Island) Etching World Views IX: Kauai Coast (Poipu) Etching
Fairfax Bridge Views Etching
Sierra Wildflowers Etching Marin Water District Etching
Marin Wildflowers Etching The Journey Home I: Fairfax Farewell Etching
The Journey Home II: Breakfast Reunion Etching The Journey Home III: Katonah Kitchen Etching The Journey Home IV: Stuff and Nonsense Etching
The Journey Home V: Through the Looking Glass Etching The Journey Home VI: My Father's Palette Etching The Journey Home VII: My Mother's Collection Etching
The Journey Home VIII: Of Christmas Past Etching The Journey Home IX: Fairfax Return Etching Plates, inks, tarlatans Etching Color separations Etching
The final print Etching
Fall Changes (Exterior)
  4.5 x 8 in
Ed. 50/ Paper 11hx15w
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This multiple plate color etching is part of a series that explores the seasons. Fall changes are symbolized by a random assortment of leaves in a creek.
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