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Vote Him Out
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Vote Him Out Silkscreen Police Brutality Other Vote - Class of 2020 Other Vote Silkscreen
Future Is In Our Hands Silkscreen Close the Camps Silkscreen Rise Up Silkscreen Abuse Silkscreen
Social Justice Silkscreen Impeach Silkscreen All Families Are Threatened Silkscreen Figure on Red Monotype
Female Figure Monotype Figure on Orange Etching Sacred Dance Etching Three Watchers Etching Watcher Etching
BBYX Etching Woman with Red Cap Etching Elemental I Monotype Elemental2 Monotype
Elemental3 Etching Three Watchers E/V Etching Winter Dance Etching
Properties of Rain Etching Dancer Etching Three Figures Etching Solitaire IX Monoprint Solitaire X Monoprint
Solitaire VII Monoprint Solitaire VIII Monoprint Solitaire VI Monoprint Solitaire V Mixed Media Solitaire III Mixed Media
Solitaire I Monotype Solitaire II Monotype Properties of Rain Mixed Media Three Women Mixed Media Motion Mixed Media
Memoir Series #9 Monotype Memoir Series #2 Monotype Memoir Series #4 Monotype
Memoir Series #8 Monotype Memoir Series #3 Monotype In The Distance Monotype
Blue Series 1 Monotype Blue Series 2 Monotype Listening Monotype
Gathering Etching
Woman with Red Sash Etching Three Women Etching Female Figure Lithograph Sitting Still Linocut
Seated Figure Etching
Leopards Linocut Giraffe - Unprotected Linocut Walking to Water Linocut
Party Animal Etching Elephant Etching Green Lion Monotype Storm Birds Etching
Lucie - French Bull Dog Etching Leaning Tree Etching Winter Tree Etching
Taos Mountains Etching
Vote Him Out
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