Carolyn WarmSun
Rock Art Symbols
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Taste of Papaya Acrylic Spider Woman Brought the Sun Acrylic Drifting Acrylic
Midnight in the Walled City Acrylic En Pointe Acrylic Where There's Smoke Acrylic
Save the Last Dance for Me Acrylic Quiescent Acrylic Salt Marsh Acrylic Attachments Acrylic
Rainsoft Acrylic Fractured Acrylic Into the Light Acrylic
Free Fall Colored Ink Ascension Acrylic Transition Acrylic Genesis Acrylic
Focused In Acrylic Intrigue Acrylic Sideman Acrylic Arch Mixed Media
Bastille Day Acrylic Palisades Acrylic Ute Colorado Acrylic
Madrone Acrylic The Gathering Acrylic Rock Wall Acrylic Nightfall Acrylic
Screened Acrylic Trees, Roots Acrylic Change Comes in Wave Sets Acrylic
Pele Acrylic The Edge Acrylic HooDoo Canyon Acrylic Running Through Acrylic
Measure of Time Acrylic Water Dancing Acrylic Canyonlands Rivers Acrylic
Spirits of the Rock Wall Acrylic Sun Catchers Acrylic Slot Canyon Acrylic
The Fire Next Time Acrylic Santa Monica Memories Acrylic Earth Moves Mixed Media
Rush to the River Acrylic Gathering Of The Shamans Acrylic Art On The Cave Wall Acrylic Cave of the Medicine Woman Acrylic
Holding Up the Sun Mixed Media Rock Art Symbols Acrylic Cave Passage Watercolor Wall of Shamans Acrylic
Ibex Watercolor Animal-Headed Shaman with Defending Sticks Acrylic Shaman and Lizard Acrylic
Shaman Acrylic Anza Borega Rock Art Acrylic Journey to the Center Acrylic
Rock Art Symbols
  22 x 15 in
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These pieces are in honor of First Artists:  those who drew and painted and “pecked” on cave and canyon walls and lava and other rocks.  While the walls and rocks are my own very colorful and highly textured interpretations, the original art is relatively representational.  I hope you enjoy them.

The largest piece of rock art is an Apache shield.  There is also a small bird, and the ever-present labyrinth-like drawing.

This work is acrylic and collage on watercolor paper.
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