Ron Carter
So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes
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Phases of Luna Metal/Metallic Pendulous Addictum Metal/Metallic
Instruments of Pi Metal/Metallic Violet Ziggurats Metal/Metallic
Verdant Trigger Metal/Metallic Forever Atlantis Metal/Metallic
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Hopes and Dreams of... Mixed Media Oceana Maxa Mixed Media
Folded Redemption Mixed Media Entering The Samba Zone Mixed Media The Ways of Nature Mixed Media
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Hooked On Love's Path Mixed Media Truth is... Mixed Media Anticipation Acrylic
Celebrate The Day Mixed Media Cab Pour Mixed Media Cabernet Cube Mixed Media
Mother Africa Mixed Media Finally met.... Mixed Media Comeback Mixed Media Tracks Of My Tears Acrylic
Man In The Mirror : Part I Mixed Media Moon Over Palace at 4 Mixed Media Stoned Bernoulli-le libertad Stone
Impetus in Situa... Mixed Media Untitled...Green with Yellow & Red streaked Alabaster Stone Dolphins Acrylic
Caspers View Mixed Media Sunday's Flight Mixed Media BlackWatch-'Cu' Mixed Media
Beauty-Metal Mixed Media Close To Home Mixed Media Lilies-'Cu' Mixed Media
Claiming The Divine - Metal, Dancing In September- Metal Mixed Media Rooster One Watercolor Rooster Two Watercolor
Rooster on Strut Watercolor Rooster on Fence Watercolor The Art Of Wine.... Mixed Media
Simply... Mixed Media Burgundy Cube Mixed Media Cab Taster Mixed Media Passion In Bottles Mixed Media
Bottle & Grapes Mixed Media Lifetime Cube Mixed Media Bottle and Pinot grapes Mixed Media Through Grapes Mixed Media
Wine Bottle Duet Cube Mixed Media Another World cube Mixed Media Red Grapes Leaf Cube Mixed Media
Cab Pour 2 Mixed Media Grapes and Leaves-Purple Mixed Media Cab Pour Cube Mixed Media
Hanging Red Grapes Cube Mixed Media Never Go Away Mixed Media Pinot grapes leaves and bottle Cube Mixed Media
Blue Bottle and Grapes Cube Mixed Media Wine Taster Cube I Mixed Media Butterfly and wine bottle cube Mixed Media
Wine Taster's Cube II Mixed Media Wine Glass Cube Mixed Media Happy Sunset Mixed Media
Oversized grapes and vines Mixed Media Wine glass leaf and grapes on vine Mixed Media Hanging Grapes Cube Mixed Media
Wine Glass and Leaves Cube Mixed Media Wine Tasters subtext Mixed Media Vinyard Dictum Mixed Media
Passion For Grapes And Vines... Mixed Media E5CAP3... Mixed Media Man In The Mirror: Part I Mixed Media
Comeback Mixed Media Mood Indigo Mixed Media The Gospel Truth Mixed Media
In A Sentimental Mood Mixed Media Purple Haze Mixed Media The Gospel Truth Mixed Media
...Please, Layla... Mixed Media Last Night...When We Were Young Mixed Media The Star Spangled Banner Mixed Media
Turn Your Lights Down Low - (Detail) Mixed Media Highway of My Memories Mixed Media Orange Blossom Kiss - Part I Mixed Media
HOPE... Mixed Media Emanations... Mixed Media Balance Acrylic LoVe Of... Mixed Media
Nuances Of Calm Mixed Media 1812 to Pleasant Mixed Media The Art Of Wine.... Mixed Media So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes Mixed Media
In The Moment... Mixed Media Peaceful Mixed Media Bliss - Double Happiness Mixed Media
Peace Mixed Media Good Health Mixed Media
Love - Care For... Mixed Media Joy Mixed Media
Goddess Mixed Media Heart Mixed Media
Hope - (Kanji) Mixed Media Finally Met Mixed Media Moon over Palace at 4 Mixed Media
Highway of my Memories... Mixed Media Circle Of Power Mixed Media Choctaw Wind-Metal Mixed Media The House Above Mixed Media
Future Now Watercolor So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes Mixed Media Stories Of... Watercolor Left Side Twisted Acrylic
Lilies Watercolor FraMed BlaKNeSs X Acrylic The Posibilities... Watercolor
Alone Again Watercolor Claiming The Divine Watercolor Stealing My Peace of Mind... Mixed Media
The Canon Of Plastic Crucibles Acrylic If You Loved Me... Watercolor Afraid of Love Acrylic
What She Thinks... Acrylic Magnetic Mixed Media Wind Watercolor
Close To Home Mixed Media Kalimba Night Mixed Media Mythic Impatience Acrylic Wednesday's Ascent Mixed Media
Dancing In September Acrylic Rhythm Acrylic
Silent Running Acrylic Startled Observer Acrylic Peace Junkee Acrylic
Koi & Orchids Mixed Media M.O.L.: Intrigue Mixed Media M.O.L.: Truth Mixed Media
M.O.L.: Bliss Mixed Media M.O.L.: Discovery Mixed Media Poets In A Cage Mixed Media The Iris of Lightfall Photography, B/W
Blackwatch Photography, B/W Cloudy Embrace Mixed Media Note - sharp Mixed Media The Shadow Of... Mixed Media
Besos Stone Heaven Only Knows... Mixed Media
Leap Of Faith Bronze My Bent Pepsi Mixed Media Love Ceramic
Spiral Asylum Bronze Learning Curve Bronze
Verb X Stick Bronze E.O.W.: Kashmir Tears Bronze
E.O.W.: At Rest Bronze
Auau's Delight Watercolor Play Watercolor Hale Ke Kohola Watercolor
Off Lanai'i Watercolor Manute'a Breach Watercolor Maneli's Quest Watercolor
Moray @ Molokini Watercolor Sounding Watercolor Twin Hull Dance Watercolor
Fenix Ascendi Acrylic MAN!PH3ST D3ST!N! Acrylic TwisTMoVe Left Acrylic Truth is... Acrylic
Early Morning Sunshine Acrylic Dolphin Aria Oil The House Of Our Life Mixed Media
Diverse Paradise Oil Summertime Ritual Mixed Media Spirit Of St.Loius Oil
After Soft Rain... Mixed Media Heaven Only Knows... Stone Onaje Mixed Media
Kwakiutl Mixed Media Camera Shy? Mixed Media My Sunday... Mixed Media
Longshot's Dilemma Mixed Media The Drop Acrylic Peace is the Journey Acrylic
On My Mind... Metal/Metallic
Liberation My Way Metal/Metallic Viva Mexitl! Metal/Metallic Mi Amore... Metal/Metallic
Enigma of Now and Again... Metal/Metallic Our Voice...Your Life Metal/Metallic Can You See Forever? Metal/Metallic
Aphelios Metal/Metallic Teotihuacan Metal/Metallic Pathos Imperfecta Metal/Metallic
Tha Bluez... Metal/Metallic Twisted Solace Metal/Metallic Droppin' Beats Across the Sahei Metal/Metallic
Whispers Metal/Metallic Ohwai'i Metal/Metallic Trouble Woman Metal/Metallic
Celestial Waft Metal/Metallic U and I together Metal/Metallic My Love Metal/Metallic
Mythical Passage Between Metal/Metallic Titans Intuos Metal/Metallic Wandering Through Memories Metal/Metallic
Children to the Skies... Metal/Metallic Beauty Is All Around... Metal/Metallic Of Light's Rhythm... Metal/Metallic
Deep Azure Infinatum Metal/Metallic A Love Of My Own Metal/Metallic The Look Of Love... Metal/Metallic
Liberation My Way Metal/Metallic Stone Deuces Stone Walks In The Sky Silver/Sterling
Paradox Mixed Media Duality! Mixed Media Dawn's Tears Other
Shimmer Drape Silver/Sterling Aphelia's Tether Silver/Sterling Tangieri Dust Mixed Media Garnet Tears Mixed Media
DolphinQuest Silver/Sterling Horizon Mixed Media Imaginata Other
Aeon Mixed Media Suriname's Tale Other Chromatic Rain Silver/Sterling
Azure Ascension Mixed Media The Crossroads Silver/Sterling Confusion Other Laughing Non-Sequitur Mixed Media
Pele's Tsunami Silver/Sterling Spring's Shimmer Other Concentric Virtues Mixed Media
Maui North Mixed Media Simple Bliss Silver/Sterling Isis Verdant Silver/Sterling
Amorosi Torrere Mixed Media Cerulean You Mixed Media Earthen Caress Other
Mantra Virere Mixed Media Lemon Pearl Revolver Mixed Media Respect Other
Verdi Cries Other Magix Crucible Mixed Media Fenix Lazuli Mixed Media Thikan Towers Mixed Media
Doves & Rockets Mixed Media Botswanan Arbor Mixed Media Porphoran Tempest Mixed Media Secrets Of... Other
Envoy Other Fraternal Twyns Other Spring Solace Other
So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes
  Mixed Media
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***Also in the - 'Cracked Canvi: Off The Vine' series.***

'So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes...'  the back story...

Are you a fan of Monty Python?

Have you seen 'Monty Python and The Holy Grail'?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then you will appreciate this piece, a parody on a parody.

'So Long and Thanks for all the Grapes' is a new twist on the discussion between King Arthur and the guards atop the castle battlements in the opening scenes of the movie.

Arthur and his trusty servant Patsy are miming horse riding and banging coconuts together to mimic the sound of horse hooves.  Arthur attempts to seek shelter for the night at the castle, but the discussion never gets past the coconuts and where they came from.

The guards inquiry leads to a lengthy discussion about the migration tendencies and the weights of coconuts.  Further, the laden capacity of a Swallow (both African & European varieties) are called into question vis-a-vis their weight ratios and normal air speed velocities.

Not to mention things being held under the dorsal guiding feathers and so forth.  Arthur never gets to spend the night at the castle and the intellectual discussion between the guards continues on into the evening.  This piece is a take on that singular discussion....

Gentle slopes, home to 90 year old vineyards, gentle slopes protected behind re-enforced fences...

Newly installed, gold-flecked, red mylar strips keep the birds away and hold the deer at bay...

The grapes were safe..., or so they thought.

No one thought of the butterflies...what would could they possibly do?

Ah indeed, what could they really do?


The African-Swallow, the world's second largest butterfly with a 12 inch wingspan...

Silent power charging on wings larger than most birds found in the wine country....

Where they came from and where they went, no one knows.

But with no strands of creeper available, they seized on a new idea, the high-tech mylar, if secured under the dorsal guiding wing section, could facilitate grape transport...


The African Swallow Butterflies rise up into the sky and strands of mylar in tow, carrying their unusual cargo,...grapes.

To what end?  

Why would butterflies even want grapes?  

Who knows, but there they go off into the skies above, mylar and grapes in tow.

"...So Long and Thanks For all The Grapes..."
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