Amy Ione
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Penrose Tiles Oil Necker Cube Study Oil
Space Study, #1 Oil Abstract Illusion Oil Untitled, 2003 Oil
Untitled, 2003 Oil Percept Mixed Media Maquette 1 Mixed Media
Visiting New York Oil Not My Mother's Landscape Oil Still Life #2 (Unfinished) Oil
Maquette 2 Mixed Media Maquette 3:  For Anaximandra. 2003 Mixed Media Roman Pavement Oil Still Life #1 Oil
Ontology, Blue. 2003 Oil Maquette 4 Oil Untitled, 2004 Oil
Unfinished Memory of My Mother Oil Knot String Theory, But . . . Oil Reflections in Water, #1 Mixed Media
Reflections on Water #2 Mixed Media Dome Mixed Media The Artist As Creator, #1 Mixed Media
Block Effect Acrylic Black Alice Acrylic Art, Escher and Pacific Grove Acrylic Portrait of the Artist Mixed Media
Polyphony 2 Mixed Media Onward Mixed Media Ontology, #1 Mixed Media Through the Door:  UC Berkeley Hearst Mining Building Mixed Media
Emergence Mixed Media Casement Windows Mixed Media Still Life #3 Acrylic
Space Study, #2 Oil On Board (Red Panel) Oil Polyphony (on Wood) Oil
Leo Rising (Zodiac Series) Ink on Paper Study: Stability | Instability Acrylic Plato's Cave Ink on Paper From Mimesis to Kinesis Ink on Paper
Home Ink on Paper Pisces Ink on Paper Gemini Ink on Paper
Future-Past Ink on Paper Just Another Day at the Office Ink on Paper Homage to Pollock Oil
Homage to Bridget Riley #1 Oil Homage to Vermeer Acrylic Diebenkorn, Not (2011) Oil
Hyperbolic surface constructed by Amy Ione and CW Tyler (2001) Paper Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 1) Other Nature Exposed to our Method of Questioning Other
Autostereogram Paper Journal of the History of the Neurosciences: Special issue on Visual Images and Visualization Other Tjotjok [Poetry by Jerry Bass | Illustrated by Amy Ione] Other
Amy Ione: Silhouette Paper Starting Off Other Amy Ione's Studio August 2011 Other
Amy Ione's Studio July 2011 Other Studio Photo June 2011 Other Pro Arts Open Studio 1988 Other
Studio Photograph May 2011 Other Studio Photograph from 2002 Other ARTWALK San Francisco 2004 Other
Studio Photograph 2011 Other College Art Association Display, 2003 Other
  Ink on Paper
  24 x 20 in
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The sign of Gemini is a Roman numeral two, II. In this work I used the sign to generate the composition. While the image contains a symmetrical tension, it clearly not. It is also visually deceiving on many levels.

It is easy to see that the margins on the two sides are not same going down the page. Perhaps more fascinating from a visual illusion perspective is that the the two columns of the white Gemini sign on each side of the paper are actually straight.  I'm not sure whether this is a variation of the café wall optical illusion or goes by another name (the café wall illusion is generally rendered with horizontal lines). In any case, sometimes the two columns appear to move and at other times it seems they were not carefully placed.

Over the years people who like this work often compare it to M. C. Escher's work, which is fun since I learned that he was a Gemini.  

People who are put off by the work say it looks like something a computer could have generated.  This response fascinates me since there are so many measurement "mistakes" on the paper.  Many of these mistakes come about because of my tendency to measure intuitively.

This piece was conceived in 1982.  I don't have the patience for this kind of work these days.
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