Tatiana Lyskova Etching Studio
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More 'Dreams' by Tatiana Lyskova
Apple Etching Creativity Etching Cherry Girl Acrylic
Bird and Girl Etching I Can Fly, Too! Etching Lion With a Fiery Mane Etching Rain and Reflections Etching
New Kazanova Etching Mary-Go-Round Etching Letters to The Loved One Etching While Sitting on Top of The Beautiful Hill Etching
Creation Etching Sometimes Etching Lion With a Fiery Mane Etching
The Light of Your Soul Etching Girl, Cake and Bird Etching Narcissist Etching
The Fragility of Beauty Etching Lost in Reflections Etching Quite a Woman Encaustic
Fountains of Desire Etching Day Dreaming Etching Between Dream and Reality Etching
Remembrance Etching Joy Etching
Letters to the Loved One Etching Dream Etching
Exquisite Giraffe Etching Juggler Etching Equilibrium Etching Cherry Etching
I Can Fly, Too (B/W) Etching Girl in Hammock Etching Artist and Model Etching
Hopes Etching Girl with bicycle Etching Old Russian Pageant Etching
Girl in Zen Garden Etching The Fragility of Beauty Etching Butterfly Acrylic
XoXo Acrylic Hot Springs Acrylic Goldfishes Acrylic
Pomegranate Tree of The Happiness Acrylic Creation Acrylic Ganesh Acrylic
Meditation with Buddha Acrylic Girl on a Horse Acrylic Blossom Time Acrylic
Thinking About Tango Acrylic Reflection Acrylic White Bird Acrylic
Flower Hat Acrylic Girl and Cat Acrylic Columbine and Arlecchino Tempera
Wondering Girl Acrylic Girl and Parrot Watercolor Peacock Acrylic
My Friend Elephant Acrylic Variegated Crow Acrylic Who Am I? Acrylic
Blue Birds and Cherry Acrylic Spring Acrylic Queen of Time Acrylic
Girl with Cow Acrylic Love Song Acrylic Blooming Tree Acrylic
San Francisco Beach Acrylic Sick Man Etching White Ewe Etching The Proof of the Axiom Etching
La Fille des Sourds Etching Perestroika 3 Etching Perestroika 1 Etching Perestroika 2 Etching
Elisaveta Bam Etching Elisaveta Bam Etching
The Old Lady Etching The Old Lady Etching
The Old Lady Etching San Francisco Beach Etching
Landscape with Goats Etching Koktebel Birds Etching Fall SF Open Studio 2015 Other
SF Spring Open Studios 2015 Acrylic V.M.Lyskov and his Studetnts Other
Hunters Point Open Studios Fall 2014 Other SF Open Studios, Fall 2013 Other Mission: Russian Art by The Bay Other
Skazki of Wonderland Other Moscow Photography, Color
ART Silicon Valley/San Francisco Other
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The curve of your divine hand is always the same and new. And in your hand a cherry shines which didn't make it to the mouth.

Not blood, not tears, not wine - it is only cherry juice. But it is not possible to leave you, nowhere and never.
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