Mark Read
Red State/Blue State
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Red State/Blue State
  22 x 40.2 x 1.5  in
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Woven Monoprints: Part of the CONCEPTUAL PATTERNS series.

Woven Archival Inkjet Monoprint on Moab Entrada 190 gsm archival paper. This piece is a color field experience and a play on words if you will regarding our current cultural differences. Each separate square of the RED STATE image is a composited view of a sunset over the ocean while the Blue State image is a composited view of a sunset over the desert. Each color field is replicated 256 times and slightly modified in intensity. A unifying central image was then placed over each separate but equal background to center the field of view in each. Subtle horizontal and vertical lines of varying widths separate out each square within the backgrounds and are aligned with the overall weave pattern. The image presented here is a fascimile of the woven pattern (grey lines) as well as the frame surround although they are accurate dimensionally in this view. The woven pattern creates a three dimensional quality to the overall piece and runs continuously through the image imparting a subtlety of pattern, form, and irregularity to the image area. The technique used for the weaving is to print the image twice, cut each image into strips of a defined width, and then weave the image back together again. The fully realized woven piece is then mounted at the edges onto 4 ply museum board to preserve its longevity and to maintian the weave pattern. The piece is professionally framed in brushed silver metal (Dimensions: 1/2" face x 1-1/2" deep). A shadow box insert containing the artwork is then secured within the frame and is composed of a 1/8" UV plexiglass face, 3/8" deep black plexiglass standoffs (shadow box), the woven piece mounted on 4 ply museum board, and 1/8" masonite backing.
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