Jonathan Anderson
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More 'Surrealism' by Jonathan Anderson
Boxer close up Colored Pencil Bulldog at the Wheel Colored Pencil Portrait of Monster Colored Pencil
Pet portrait 29 Colored Pencil Pet portrait 28 Colored Pencil Portrait of Maximo Colored Pencil
Pet Portrait 17 Colored Pencil Pet Portrait 16 Colored Pencil Pet portrait 15 Colored Pencil Pet portrait 14 Colored Pencil
Pet portrait 13 Colored Pencil Portrait of Oliver Colored Pencil Pet Portrait 10 Colored Pencil
Portrait of Theo Colored Pencil Portrait of Daxter Colored Pencil Bosco Colored Pencil
Roxi Colored Pencil foster Oil portrait of Mercy Oil
Dog portrait 2 Pencil Dog Portrait Pencil portrait 30 Oil
Sam Mixed Media Portrait 25 Oil Horse portrait Oil Pet portrait 19 Colored Pencil
Pet portait 20 Colored Pencil Pet portrait 21 Colored Pencil
Pet portraits 22 Colored Pencil Penny Colored Pencil Molly Colored Pencil
Miley Colored Pencil King Colored Pencil The Red Ball Colored Pencil Jericho Colored Pencil
Pet portrait 31 Colored Pencil Bailey Colored Pencil Nos Oil Maine Coon Colored Pencil
On the Bricks Colored Pencil Einstein on gray paper Colored Pencil Tribute to Bobbie Colored Pencil Birthday Colored Pencil
32 Pencil 31 Pencil A Clockwork Orange Colored Pencil portrait 29 Oil
portrait 28 Oil portrait 27 Oil portrait 26 Oil portrait 24 Oil
Portrait 23 Oil Portrait of Kylor Oil Portrait of Ella Mixed Media
Maddox Oil True Love in Crimson Oil Portrait of Mom and Dad Oil josh and jennifer Oil
Mike Mixed Media portrait 22 Airbrush portrait 21 Pencil portrait 20 Pencil
portrait 19 Pencil portrait 18 Pencil portrait 17 Pencil portrait 16 Pencil
portrait 15 Pencil portrait 14 Pencil portrait 13 Oil
portrait 12 Pencil portrait 11 Pencil portrait 10 Pencil
portrait 9 Pencil portrait 8 Pencil portrait 7 Pencil portrait 6 Pencil
portrait 5 Pencil portrait 4 Pencil portrait 3 Pencil
portrait 2 Pencil portrait  01 Pencil portrait 1 Pencil
stippling portrait 1 Ink on Paper Portrait 33 Pencil Portrait 34 Oil
In Bloom Colored Pencil The Crimson Embrace Oil The Rapture Oil Descension II Airbrush
Humanity Oil The Unraveling Oil The Brink Oil
Horizons of Chaos Oil A Work in Progress Pencil Descension Oil Emotional Primaries Oil
Clockwork Oil Ascension Mixed Media Daylight Disintegration Mixed Media
Equilibrium Mixed Media Her Ghost in the Fog Mixed Media Predator and Prey Mixed Media Il Morte a Macchina (The Death Machine) Mixed Media
Nightfall Mixed Media A Surrealist on the Rise (self portrait) Charcoal Sorrow Pencil
Dreamscape I Colored Pencil Aggravation state self portrait Oil Portal Oil
The Hand of God Bestowing me with Surrealist Vision Oil Screaming for Salvation Oil for eternity Oil
The Surrealist's Eye Oil Above This World Oil Eterno Amore Oil My birth in surreal-o-vision Pencil
untitled Other untitled 2 Oil The master of puppets Pencil
Waking Colored Pencil Encounter Colored Pencil Mid Creation Colored Pencil
The Puzzle Box Colored Pencil The Puzzle Box II Oil The Puzzle Box III Colored Pencil
The Puzzle Box IV Oil The Puzzle Box V Colored Pencil Inkredible Designs custom #1 Airbrush Inkredible Designs custom #2 Airbrush
Tribute to a Nightmare on Elm Street Mixed Media Tribute to Friday the 13th Mixed Media Tribute to Halloween Mixed Media Tribute to Hellraiser Mixed Media
Tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mixed Media Tribute to The Exorcist Mixed Media Freddy 2 Pencil Here's Johnny! Pencil
eye study Pencil anatomy 1 Pencil anatomy cross contour Pencil
Muscular study 1 Pencil skeletal study 1 Pencil skull study 1 Pencil
arm study Pencil leg study Pencil pelvis study Pencil torso study Pencil
anatomy gesture 1 Pencil Devil Dog in flight Colored Pencil Tools of the Trade Colored Pencil
From Shadow cover Colored Pencil Tribute to Donnie Darko Oil still life Charcoal
tattoo shop wall mural Oil Humanity Other OSU Grid Assignment Pencil
Self portrait in a cd Pencil Ferrari Colored Pencil OSU distortion assignment Pencil
house Pencil Pinhead Clay Station 1 Oil Station 2 Oil
Station 3 Oil Station 4 Oil Station 5 Oil Station 6 Oil Station 7 Oil
Station 8 Oil Station 9 Oil Station 10 Oil Station 11 Oil
Station 12 Oil Station 13 Oil Station 14 Oil The Last Supper Oil
3d room 1 Other 3d room 2 Other Albert concept 1 Pencil
Drekkt and Albert meet concept Pencil Drekkt concept Pencil from shadow cast concept Pencil
custom skin 1 Other custom skin 2 Other Normal and shadow prop sheet Colored Pencil
From Shadow opening 1 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 2 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 3 Colored Pencil
From Shadow opening 4 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 5 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 6 Colored Pencil
From Shadow opening 7 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 8 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 9 Colored Pencil
From Shadow opening 10 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 11 Colored Pencil From Shadow opening 12 Colored Pencil
Immobile Boy Recliners 1 Colored Pencil Immobile Boy Recliners 2 Colored Pencil Immobile Boy Recliners 3 Colored Pencil
Immobile Boy Recliners 4 Colored Pencil Immobile Boy Recliners 5 Colored Pencil Immobile Boy Recliners 6 Colored Pencil
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One of my newest surreal paintings done with oils and airbrush. That's me looking through the window, I've ripped out my wind-up handle. The clocks are stopped at the time I was born. This was done to coincide with a poem I wrote a couple years back...

"Forever Free"

From behind me creeps my past.

That ever-growing darkness

of the sins that I've amassed.

Lurking somewhere before my blindness

is the door that leads to change,

but it always moves too fast;

it's always out of range.

The path to righteousness is lost;

wayward in the labyrinth of life.

How will I ever find it

with the world so full of strife?

I refuse to be like other people;

all their minds so full of greed.

An awakening is what they need.

Those clones

marching closer to oblivion

in a line of indistinguishable drones.

Lack of variety, that's what is plaguing our society;

but perhaps society should not be blamed.

God's forgiveness has been proclaimed,

so I will no longer be ashamed,

for a way to salvation has been named.

Repentance is the key.

Someday everyone will see;

and finally my mind will be...

forever free.
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