Mary Ann Leff
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More 'Works on Paper: Mixed Media and Collage' by Mary Ann Leff
Against The Wall Acrylic Going Through A Rough Patch Acrylic Clawing Her Way to the Top Acrylic Might Mist Acrylic
Fire and Ice Acrylic Retake 1 Acrylic Retake 2 Acrylic Retake 3 Acrylic
Retake 4 Acrylic Retake 5 Acrylic Retake 6 Acrylic
Mendocino Acrylic Waiting for Whales Acrylic Cloudscape Acrylic
Pistachio Paint Acrylic Behind Closed Doors Acrylic Door Number Two Acrylic
Bridal Veil Acrylic Prom Night Acrylic Map of the Future Acrylic
Morning Ice Acrylic Little River Secrets Acrylic Ice Square Acrylic
Ice Square 2 Acrylic Silverwood Acrylic Ideal Balance Acrylic
Limited Visibility Acrylic Cracked Ice Acrylic Side Window Acrylic
Roadside Distraction Acrylic Cloudy Outlook Acrylic Inching Forward Acrylic
Side Swipe Acrylic Paper Cut Acrylic At Curry Acrylic
Curry 2 Acrylic Pond's Edge Mixed Media Ocean with Green Sky and Black Spot Mixed Media Surf on the Horizon Acrylic
Rain Acrylic Green in the Distance Acrylic Ocean with Green in the Water, Gray in the Sky Mixed Media Ocean with Horizon Tipped to the Left Mixed Media
Ocean with Purple Horizon Mixed Media Ocean with Green in the Water, Pink in the Sky Mixed Media Ocean with Pink Sky Mixed Media Dream Beach with Gray Sky Mixed Media
Ocean with Four Orange Fish Mixed Media Laguna Deck Acrylic Laguna Evening Acrylic Laguna Surf Oil
Back Oil Laguna 6 Oil Laguna 5 Acrylic The Other Side of the Fence Acrylic
Bird Dance Acrylic Strawberry Fields Acrylic Flight Risk Mixed Media Always Greener Acrylic
Tuesday, almost 4:00 PM Acrylic Cityscape Acrylic 2 A.M. Acrylic Broadway Black Acrylic
Another Silver Lining Acrylic Muddy Waters Acrylic Swan Dive Acrylic
Out of the Goldfish Bowl Acrylic Click No, If Asked if You Want to Revert to the Saved Orignal Acrylic White Goat Acrylic
Blue Bridge Acrylic One of Two Squares Acrylic The Second Square Acrylic
False Accusations Acrylic Defending Myself Against False Accusations Acrylic Magenta Spring Acrylic Too Busy to Talk Now Acrylic
She Showed Us Her Party Llights Acrylic Green Composition, with Black Acrylic Blue Composition, With Red Acrylic Green and Yellow Square Acrylic
Painting Yellow Acrylic Motorcycle on a Balinese Bridge Mixed Media Fallen Leaf Mixed Media
Eggs in the Morning Mixed Media Scene From Above Mixed Media Bali Rubbing Mixed Media
Untitled Mixed Media Untitled Mixed Media Wax Works Mixed Media
Untitled Mixed Media Untitled Mixed Media Figures Mixed Media
Untitled Mixed Media Garden View Mixed Media Orange Stripes Monotype
Mountain View Monotype Not Quite A Match Monotype At Livia's I Monotype
At Livia's II Monotype Red Monotype Gray Shadows Monotype Two Grays Monotype
Gray Ghosts Monotype Red Square Monotype Red and Blue Zen Monotype Red Square II Monotype
Intentional Impressions,  Red Monotype Snake in the Grass Monotype Green Ghosts Monotype
As It Emerges Between Us Monotype Seeing Through You Monotype Red Spiral in the Corner Monotype
Intentional Impressions, Green Monotype Intentional Impressions, Red and Green Monotype Intentional Impression, Blue and Brown Monotype Bianca Monotype
Manju Monotype Goat Feathers Monotype Nine Squares Monoprint Nine More Squares Monotype
Composition Number Two Monotype Composition Number One Monotype The Fish Monotype
Red Fishermen Monotype Unbuttoned Monotype Driving Directions Monotype
Red on the Bottom Monotype Mayan Plan Monotype Purple Shadows Monotype
Polka Dot Shoes Monotype Seated Man With Green Pants Mixed Media Woman on Blue Background Mixed Media Man With a Hat Mixed Media
Smiling Man Mixed Media Man With Pink Penis Mixed Media Man With Creen Pants Mixed Media Woman With Orange and Pin, Mixed Media
Woman With Arched Back Mixed Media Reclining Woman With Green Top at Liz's Studio Mixed Media Reclining Woman With Yellow Top Mixed Media Woman With Pink Bra Mixed Media
Woman With Green Pants Mixed Media Woman With Belt and Green Pants Mixed Media Woman With Stocking and Yellow Mixed Media Woman With Plum Mixed Media
Woman With Crossed Arms Mixed Media At Linda's Studio Mixed Media Woman's Back, Ponytail Ink on Paper Woman With Glasses Ink on Paper
Woman and Red Chair Mixed Media Woman Bending Over Ink on Paper Red Field Oil Red Into Blue Acrylic
Atmosphere 1 Oil Fish Food Oil Atmosphere 2 Oil
Pure Gold Acrylic Nusa Lembongan Night Acrylic
  Mixed Media
  15 x 19 in
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