Gary Willing
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San Francisco Mixed Media Original Sin Oil Transfiguration Acrylic
Artwork in primary colors Acrylic Renaissance 2020 Mixed Media I would walk thru the gates of hell, for you. Mixed Media Who am I? Mixed Media
Color infatuation Mixed Media Together let us remake this world Mixed Media They followed a star Mixed Media The florist Mixed Media
Avatar Mixed Media Rainy Day II Mixed Media Suns first day on the job Mixed Media Chess Master Mixed Media
Autumn day Mixed Media The wine sommelier Mixed Media When you run the race for you, You win every time. Mixed Media Power of prayer Mixed Media
Nature Spirit Mixed Media Trust in me. Trust in you Oil Here today. Gone tomorrow Oil The DJ Oil
My heart goes out to you Oil Seated nude in a blue chair Oil The Saxophonist Oil My heart my prized possession Oil
This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine Oil Water carrier V Oil Everywhere we go there we are Oil Seated nude in blue Oil
The return of the prodigal son Oil Hercules and the many headed hydra Oil Green, Red, with a yellow dot Oil
A day in the life of the sun II Oil Sharing is the missing peace Oil The wine connoisseur Oil
The Angel within us all Oil The catch Oil Make light the dark Oil
The heart is the only thing that matters in the end. Oil The heart never lies Oil The tortoise and the hare Oil Lovers lying in bed Oil
Jack and the Beanstalk Oil Girl watering flowers on a windowsill Oil Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem Oil Sight reading Oil
The light within us all Oil Rembrandt painting a self portrait Oil The sword of cleavage Oil
Feats of strength Oil Suburban Renaissance Oil The Divine Mother Oil El apartmento Oil
The Water Carrier IV Oil Meditation Oil John the beloved Oil The Age of Libra Oil
Peace in the making Oil Soul Rising Oil Requiem Mixed Media Cathy and Del playing under a blanket Oil
Roses on a table Oil Solar Angel Oil The Water Carrier III Oil A Rainy Day Oil
Woman combing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror Oil Soul's celebration Oil Summertime at heart Oil Woman sitting in a green chair Oil
Cross that bridge when you come to it Oil Marathon man Oil Thanksgiving Oil
I left my heart in San Fransisco Oil Coffee lover Oil Guitar solo Oil Snow Angel Oil
il concerto Oil The Composer Oil Djembe Oil The Violinist Oil
Doing the sun's work Oil Atalanta Oil Table for two Oil Mother's Embrace Oil
Moses Oil My life under the sea Oil When you smile the world smiles back at you Oil If you could hold the sun Oil
Rock Star Oil If those who live by the sword, die by the sword; May my sword be love. Oil Homage to Kandinsky in purple Oil
The greatest spiritual explosion Oil Life in the big city Oil Woman's bathroom sign for Apres Diem Oil
Men's bathroom sign for Apres Diem Oil Love's Conquest Oil A teacher alike of angels and of men Oil Centaur and the scorpion Oil
A day in the life of the sun Oil Sun worshiper Oil The Matador Oil Rack it . . . Oil
The original sin Mixed Media Santa Fe Mixed Media Sirius Oil
Lunar Eclipse Mixed Media From the point of light Mixed Media Guitarist walking down a road Oil
The Myth of Atalanta Oil Mind your garden Oil Jesus washing the feet of the disciples Oil Deep with the heart Oil
Rasika Oil No man is an island Oil The water carrier II Oil
Red skies at night Oil Sunrise Sunset Oil Expansion Oil
Narcisis Oil untitled Oil The Magic flute Oil
Red skies at night II Oil My home Oil Flamenco guitarist and dancer Oil
This little light of mine Oil The water carrier Oil Nature in balance Oil
Narcisis Oil DJ Tiesto Oil Nik-a-fied Oil
Freedom Acrylic Old man pants Oil
"They dance alone."
  24 x 36 in
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One of my favorite Sting songs is "They dance alone." He said on his album, when he toured back in the eighties with the Amnesty International, he went into Chili. While he was there he saw these woman dancing with pictures of their husbands or brothers or sons. These people disagreed with the Pinochet regime and they disappeared and were probably tortured and killed. I find the music and lyrics very moving.

"Why are all these woman here dancing on there own? Why is there's only sadness in their eyes? Why are all these soldiers here? Faces fixed like stone. Can't see what it is that they despise....Dancing with their fathers; dancing with their sons; dancing with their husbands; They dance alone....Hey Mr. Pinochet you've sewn a bitter crop. It is foreign money that supports you; one day that money is going to stop. No wages for your torturers; no budget for your guns. Can you think of your own mother dancing with her invisible son."
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