Maria Mayr
Three Tulips #2
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to do or not to do Etching
sample of framed print Monoprint Three Tulips in the morning Oil
Daffodils in Spring Oil Three Tulip in Spring Mixed Media
doodeled flower # 1 Mixed Media
doodeled flower # 2 Mixed Media Loveserenade Oil daffodil Mixed Media Forget me not Mixed Media
Tulips Mixed Media Landscape #1 Oil Landscape #2 Oil
Landscape #3 Oil Landscape #4 Oil Landscape with seven trees Oil
Late Summer Oil Landscape #1 of triptych Oil Landscape #2 of triptych Oil
Landscape #3 of triptych Oil Hills in Marin County Oil Fog over the hills Oil
Flowers#4 Monoprint Two Wine Glasses Oil Flowers#1 Monoprint The chairs with flowers Monoprint
Flower Power Monoprint Happy Birthday Monoprint Summer Afternoon Oil Gathering Oil
Flowers#2 Monoprint Flowers in blue, for every day Oil Flowers in green Oil Listen to the Messenger Monotype
Accepting Knowledge Monotype Bird Song Monotype Dora Maar balancing an apple Monotype Madame Matisse with Sun Flowers Monotype
Madame Jawlenski with Golden Necklace Monotype Guava Oil Grapes Oil
Green Onions Oil Lovers in the kitchen Oil Grapes Oil
Lemon Oil Artichokes Oil magic lemons Oil
Pomegranate Oil the acrobats Oil Figs Oil
Melon Oil Onion in a square Oil Grapes #2 Oil
Pomegranate Oil Melon and Company Oil Persimon Oil
Lemon and Pear Oil Guava Halves Oil Godot's chair on the red carpet Oil Waiting for Godot Oil
Still waitingfor Godot Oil Strenght Monotype things one does not want to see Monotype Fear Monotype
let the plant grow Monotype destructive fear Monotype accepting Monotype Prayer Monotype
Royal Garden # 2 Oil Royal Garden #1 Oil White Tulip Oil Three Tulips #2 Oil
Sunflower with red background Oil
Nolde revisited Mixed Media Nolde revisited #3 Mixed Media sunflower, Nolde revisited # 1 Mixed Media
Trust Mixed Media Guests are welcome Mixed Media The Heart-runners Mixed Media The Birthday Couple Mixed Media
Three Tulips #2
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Three tulips at sunrise
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