Jason Austin
Blues Man   (John Lee Hooker)
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Red Head Digital/Graphics
Blues Man (John Lee Hooker)
  30 x 22.5 in
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(On paper)

I’m a lover of all kinds of music and one of them being blues. I was inspired to do this series because of John Lee Hooker’s music and his distinctive look, so I wanted to paint him in different styles the same way his music was so diverse. J About this piece: Created: 2004 Sold About this body of work: My new work was created within the past couple years to present date and I’m very excited with what I came up with. Even though these pieces are based on the same themes all my work is usually based on which is reflective thoughts, emotions, family, love and life. This body of work shows a different take on those same things. With these new pieces I used much bolder brush strokes with muted splashes of color for accent without over taking the image. I also found my way to doing larger sized pieces, which to me brings much more presence to the idea that I’m trying to convey. This is also my continued attempt to express more with less, which may seem deceptively simple looking until closely viewed. I love the freedom and the expression of art and I feel my work reflects that. There’s no right or wrong to it, it’s all what I call “open expression”. These works are done in acrylic on paper. I’m about creating the most honest art that I can. I really loving doing art I myself enjoy seeing, since I’m also a big fan of art. Austin
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