Jason Austin
Blue Moon (Moon Series)
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Red Head Digital/Graphics
Blue Moon (Moon Series)
  19 x 13 in
  Giclee Print: $225
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(Limited and Open Edition Prints)

Moon Series About the series: This series consist of the images Blue Moon and Red Moon. I�ve been blessed to have many examples of great women. I did this series to pay homage to those women and to portray their passion, inner strength, style, grace and beauty. All qualities that I�ve observed from the women I�ve had the pleasure of knowing. The red in Red Moon represents passion and the blue in Blue moon represents peace and serenity. � Measurements: 13" x 19" (Paper Size) � Print Type: Gicl�e on 100% Rag Paper � All prints are signed and numbered. � Contact for actual image and edition sizes. GICL�E* A 20th-century digital print medium emanating from Iris print technology. "Gicl�e" has become a generic term for a wide variety of digital print technologies found within the fine art market. Digital prints have found favor among artists and publishers because of accurate reproduction quality, print on demand capability and because the best gicl�e prints do not exhibit a digital signature, i.e. banding, dot patterns or other typical signs of commercial digital prints.
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