Jason Austin
Glory (Life Rains Series)
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Glory (Life Rains Series)
  Pen and Ink
  19 x 13 in
  Giclee Print: $195
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(Limited Edition Prints)

Life Rains About the series: "Glory" is the 3rd painting in my Life Rains Series. This series is more of a figurative style with the look of woodcut done in only black and white for a bold look. As I do with all my art I�m going for a look that will create a lasting visual impression. Art buyers (and art lovers) will see references to the line work that you would find in wood carving even though mine was done all with a brush. This series is about the protection of what ever is most important to you. The figure in the piece is missing a circle and that missing circle floats outside of the figure and it represents a part of you that is out in the world (which could be anything from your goals in life, your family, your beliefs or even your peace of mind) and your protecting it from the hardships of life which comes down in the form of rain. What part of yourself would you protect at all cost? This artwork is still for sale as a Limited Edition Giclee, so if you like to purchase the image just click on the buy artwork button below. GICL�E* A 20th-century digital print medium emanating from Iris print technology. "Gicl�e" has become a generic term for a wide variety of digital print technologies found within the fine art market. Digital prints have found favor among artists and publishers because of accurate reproduction quality, print on demand capability and because the best gicl�e prints do not exhibit a digital signature, i.e. banding, dot patterns or other typical signs of commercial digital prints.
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