Francoise Drouillet
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Vertiginous Blah-Blah Oil Maternite III Oil Talk to Me Oil
Jeunesse (Youth) Oil Confusion is a starting point Oil L'Ennui (Boredom) Oil
Sanguine, ou la mise a mort du desir Oil Musique d'Eté (Summer Music) Oil Retiens la Nuit (Hold on the Night) Oil
Le Soleil (The Sun) Oil Hier, Aujourd'hui, Demain (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) Oil Too Many Words Oil
Austère Folie (Austere Craziness) Oil Just a Look Acrylic Fifty-Five Years Pencil The Forest Soul Oil
Here & Now Oil On The Edge Oil Seven Oil
Fleeing the Impossible Oil Narcos Oil Olympian Argument Oil
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Narcissus, in mad love with his own image, is so desperate that he cannot move anymore, staying nights and days in a deep state of numbness. His tears create a river in which he will eventually drown. Meanwhile they give birth to the flower narcissus, that contains a numbness (narcos in greek) generating substance. Narcissus's  face appears on an iPad to symbolise our own addiction to our own image through selfies, that we hope will be liked by our peers and beyond. It gives us a feeling of false intimacy that makes us numb to the real one we don't even know anymore we are really looking for.
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