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Extreme Makeover


Graven Images I think of my paintings as icons or totems derived from biological forms. Each image is conceived whole in the mind and performed (written) and refined on canvas, paper, plaster or computer screen. My paintings are hieroglyphs that tell visceral stories.

Harry Spitz
Extreme Makeover
13 x 19  in
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The Kayak Roll ( is one of those skills that can change ones sense of oneself. Learning to roll can be terrifying. One has to purposely capsize ones boat, then use the paddle to grip the surface, you use your hips and knees to flip the boat right side up, then you bring your body out of the water and finally the head comes up last. This head up last maneuver is counter-intuitive, after all we all want to bring our heads out of the water first. No matter how well the novice understands the principles of rolling (intellectually) most people try to roll with a tremendous effort applied to the paddle, then they try to wrench themselves out of the water head first. Of course this means that the roll won't work and this improper form could even cause an injury.
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