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Jam-packed landscape mass of digested bleak tints

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More art by Uri Shapira
Uri Shapira
Jam-packed landscape mass of digested bleak tints
28 x 20 in
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This work comes in a limited edition of 12 prints.
The print will arrive accompanied by a certificate of authenticity,
singed & numbered by the artist.
It's printed with archival pigmented Hahnemule inks,
on an archival museum fine art quality paper.
Suggested size for this work is 20X28 inch.
Printing size can be varied by request to anything between half this size to double this size,
with a slight change in price- depending solely on printing cost.
Fine art paper type is fully open for specific requests, as well as framing & matting options, and Lambda printing option.
Please don't hesitate to email for me for details.

This work is part of collective project "Environments of aesthetics":
A doco-photographic glimpse into frozen brief moments, chosen within a fleeting visuality of home experiments in creating domesticated environments, based on active metal vegetation and chemicals growth.
Inventing these alternative sceneries relies on a background research, invisible to the viewer, in which the artist explores the most fundamental behavior of the inanimate matter over the timeline; guides it to act visually as if it was a growing plant, in order to create dynamic aesthetics.
Information hidden from bare eyes is magnified & revealed using macro photography, and digital stitching of dozens camera frames into high resolution discovery images.

For more photographs options please visit a full view of this project at the following link:
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