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People Book


Janet Goldner creates steel sculptures which combine art and poetry. Using a welding torch as a drawing instrument, Goldner cuts images and texts into the steel. Since her 1995 Fulbright to Mali (West Africa), she has combined images and ideas from Africa and the West.

Janet Goldner
People Book
9 x 16 x 13  in
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My steel books with movable pages are layered, steel collages constructed from steel scraps from my earlier sculptures. They incorporate both images and text including patterns from traditional Malian mud cloth and geometric forms suggested by the forms in the scrap steel. Multiple pages are pieced and by pierced with imagery and text resulting in varying degrees of transparency through steel. Hinges welded onto the sheets of steel allow the "pages" to open and close. The books are playful and occur in a variety of scales from several inches tall to up to large, walk-in gate sized works.
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