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Chakra Veins


I am primarily a ceramic sculptor, mudbender by nature, working out of Son of Pan Studios in El Cerrito, CA. My work deals with issues of growth, transformation and challenging self perception. I also play with spiritual and erotic themes through masks, alter pieces and vessels.

Soren Diehl
Chakra Veins
12 x 10 in
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The books Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss prompted me to go through several months of intense personal work. Working with chakras and archetypes profoundly affected my views of both myself and the world around me. This piece came on the heels of that time, asking me to stretch both personally and artistically. The veins representing each of the chakra centers are mosaic stained glass. They run outward toward their corresponding body parts infusing the entire system with energy.
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