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Djinn: The Pride of Iblis


Rob Wolf is an exuberantly multimedia multi-medium artist whose subject matter references his interest in and exploration of the connection between Art and Spirituality.

Robert Wolf
Djinn: The Pride of Iblis
36 x 24 x 2  in
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The Pride of Iblis: Djinn or Jinn are desert spirits of pre-Islamic Arabic folklore. They are depicted as "fairy-like" spirits born of wind or fire - neither angelic nor demonic. Their leader is said to be Iblis. The Qur'an mentions the account of the fall of Iblis several times. When Allah created man, he told all spirits to bow before him. Iblis refused claiming he was better than humans because he was created out of fire instead of mud. Allah then cast him down for his pride. Allah then agrees to let Iblis tempt humanity until the last day when the dead are raised, but tells Iblis he will have no power over Allah, Himself, or any of Allah's servants. The Djinn (and Iblis in particular) are meant to be viewed in this context not as forces for evil but rather of rebellion and magic.
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