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Head hunters


“As a child I was fascinated by Egyptian bas-reliefs and prehistoric cave paintings. I felt as if they were drawing me into their world or stepping into mine. Now, before every painting, I "sculpt" my canvas, to create a stimulating 3 dimensional artwork. Ultimately, the viewer decides where to stand.”

Sarah Ricchiuti
Head hunters
Mixed Media
30 x 30 in
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- Head Hunters original painting by Sarah Ricchiuti. Assemblage of fibers, packing materials, gesso and acrylic paints on stressed canvas. - I don't do politics, and I wasn't born for competition either. My face is an open book, so is my heart. I often stand out in a world where one never knows who is on the side of whom, who speaks for whom, who is hunting or hunted. - Head Hunters is my depiction of the masquerade of society.
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